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Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle. Stewart Lee. Copyright: BBC.

Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle

Stand-up comedy show, punctuated with sketches. Stewart Lee tackle a different topic each week in his own inimitable fashion

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  • Saturday 6th January 2018, 12:09pm [Edited]
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Oh, I didn't think he was selling stuff as he said he wasn't just before the show ended? Poo.
Excellent about MusicMagpie trawling and the Deacon Blue callbacks, and the explanations with the hand were hilarious. I would love to see it all over again!
A great show and glad to see he hasn't changed his style for this big tour, a case in point being when he commented on if people had brought their friends as sections of the audience seemed to 'get' him and others didn't. For a minute or two I was thinking ''we're disappointing him as an audience, why aren't those shits laughing more' then the penny dropped.
He made a few references to Twitter and seemed to be aware of what other celebs were tweeting, yet he doesn't have his own account...I can understand why but wish he had!
The visual payoff at the end was very smart...and funny.

Oh and the Turkish Funk...

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