Caroline Aherne, Craig Cash & Phil Mealey comedies

The Royle Family. Image shows from L to R: Dave Best (Craig Cash), Antony Royle (Ralf Little), Denise Royle / Best (Caroline Aherne), Jim Royle (Ricky Tomlinson), Barbara Royle (Sue Johnston), Norma Speakman (Liz Smith). Copyright: Granada Productions / Jellylegs.

The Royle Family

The Royles are a family of couch potatoes who watch television in their dirty living room whilst chatting, arguing, and drinking copious amounts of tea and alcohol



  • Monday 13th June 2011, 2:30pm [Edited]
  • England
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Can anyone confirm if The Royle Family will be back on our screens at Christmas? I thought I heard that the BBC had signed them up for a few Christmas specials, but I could have dreamt this. To be honest the way that Joe's Crackers ended I thought there would be a special around the Royal wedding with the marriage of Lurchio and Saskia.

Also, I have been watching Early Doors over the weekend and thought to myself, "How did this not go past 2 series?" It's comedy gold. 6 years have passed with not a sniff of news on a 3rd series; I suppose I can only wonder what happened to Tanya and Ken? Is Ken pulling in enough customers to keep the brewery off his back and stop The Grapes from being turned into a fun pub? Finally how are the patrons of The Grapes getting round the smoking ban?



  • Monday 13th June 2011, 4:36pm
  • Royal Berkshire, England
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I have not seen anything about further Royle episodes.



  • Monday 13th June 2011, 9:42pm
  • Canada
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Would love to see more Early Doors.

I guess I should give The Royle Family a try. I seem to remember watching an episode a couple of years ago, but it didn't really grab me.

Sunshine was also excellent.



  • Tuesday 14th June 2011, 3:38pm
  • United Kingdom
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Apparently there isn't a Royle Family special planned for this year at the moment.



  • Tuesday 14th June 2011, 9:06pm [Edited]
  • Nowhere, England
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I don't really like their stuff.

They all run along the lines of "eee! bye gum lad! ain't us Notherners all quaint and funny with our drugs and our thieving and scrounging and sitting on our lazy fat f**king arses all day doin nowt!"

Well I'm a Northerner and I take great offence to this.

Great offence.

No really, I do.


Joey Moose

  • Sunday 19th June 2011, 1:30am
  • Deepest, Darkest Midlands, England
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Would love to see another series of Early Doors. Not sure how likely that is though.



  • Thursday 30th June 2011, 8:38am
  • The Okanagan Valley, BC, Canada
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Yup, I loved Early Doors too!!!

Ended on a high and surely there was better to come in a potential Series 3??? ... but it never materialised. *sobs*

All the best,
Cal :)