The Dangerous Brothers



  • Sunday 20th March 2011, 11:35pm [Edited]
  • Townsville, Australia
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I just got the DVD of "The Dangerous Brothers Present... Dangervsion". Rik and Ade are just inspired. Not only are they great comedians, but great actors. It isn't just empty mugging and slapstick - there is actually internal commitment and a frenzied urgency.
They take British comedy and turn it upside down. Old conventions like innuendo and slapstick are just massacred. It's as though the're saying "You want innuendo - alright... here's a knob gag, here's another knob gag, here's a fart joke... enogh yet.. here's some more!"
And the slapstick... "You like slapstick... alrigh, matey, I'll blow his limbs off and staple them back on!"
An utterly outrageous subversion of the genre. This also came through in their sitcoms.
Must get Saturday Live and Friday Live DVDs. :D



  • Monday 21st March 2011, 4:02pm
  • England
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I saw The Dangerous Brothers on the inaugural Comic Strip Tour when they did the Gooseberry joke. It brought the house down.



  • Wednesday 13th April 2011, 12:36pm
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Also loved the Spitting Image version with Colonel Dangerous and Ronnie Dangerous.

Colonel Dangerous is still around and even more dangerous but fighting with Barack Slightly-miffed from behind the sofa doesn't have the same impact.