Lowest form of wit: the innuendo


buyon ferry

  • Sunday 6th February 2011, 6:21pm [Edited]
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I've heard people say it is sarcasm or puns but I think innuendo takes it (see what I did).

Any thoughts on this?



  • Sunday 6th February 2011, 6:23pm
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I think innuendos can be hilarious.

Depends what you mean by 'lowest', I suppose.



  • Sunday 6th February 2011, 6:36pm
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Lowest usually means bottom. Coming up the rear. That sort of thing.



  • Sunday 6th February 2011, 6:45pm
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They're certainly the easiest (Ifyaknowhatimean).


Tony Cowards

  • Sunday 6th February 2011, 7:06pm
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I don't normally put innuendo in my jokes but sometimes I'll slip it in.



  • Sunday 6th February 2011, 7:14pm
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If its another innuendo-fuelled reply your after, then I'll give you one.



  • Sunday 6th February 2011, 7:16pm
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Innuendo eh? I've used it, didn't know what came over me, but I smelled something fishy. When the audience parted its legs and walked out. I sucked, I blew I went down. Some say innuendo is too subtle when ever I've slipped it in round the back I've made peoples eyes water. How ever well lubricated the audience were with alcohol.


don rushmore

  • Sunday 6th February 2011, 7:27pm
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Quote: buyon ferry @ February 6 2011, 6:21 PM GMT

I've heard people say it is sarcasm or puns but I think innuendo takes it(see what I did)

Innuendo is a type of pun, surely?



  • Sunday 6th February 2011, 8:32pm [Edited]
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Quote: don rushmore @ February 6 2011, 7:27 PM GMT

Innuendo is a type of pun, surely?

I'd agree. Wasn't it Oscar Wilde who first said that about sarcasm being the lowest form of wit? Nothing wrong with a bit of pun...I can take a nice bit of innuendo too.



  • Sunday 6th February 2011, 8:48pm
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I've always though the lowest form of wit was people saying 'sarcasm is the lowest form of wit' after you say something sarcastic.

It really genuinely annoys me. Surely it can't be just me that thinks this, no?

Also, I usually use a voice-to-text thing for online posts, but this feels like more of a hand job.

(There. That's definitely the worst thing that will be posted in this thread)

AvatarBCG Supporter


  • Sunday 6th February 2011, 9:39pm
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Julian Clary is a master of the art.



  • Sunday 6th February 2011, 9:43pm
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That's what she said.



  • Sunday 6th February 2011, 10:28pm
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Sometimes when I'm writing I eschew an innuendo; not caring to cheapen my work with it. And then other times I seem to be gagging for it, find myself playing with it all the time and sticking it in willy-nilly.


Lee Henman

  • Monday 7th February 2011, 12:11pm
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Quote: Shandonbelle @ February 6 2011, 8:32 PM GMT

Wasn't it Oscar Wilde who first said that about sarcasm being the lowest form of wit?

Oscar was wrong. I remember once in the school toilets, someone had drawn a large penis on the cubicle wall with a piece of poo, beneath the words "Snif my shity cock". I think that trounces sarcasm in the lowest form of wit stakes.

As for innuendo, if it'd never been invented we'd have no Carry On films which would be a crime against humanity. Teary