The Graham Norton Show Page 2

Miriam Margolyes was as fantastic as ever. Had me in stitches. Matthew Perry was great once he had plugged his play. Gemma Arterton is still the most attractive person I have ever seen. So brilliant show. Skipped the music.

Quote: Woozie @ 16th January 2016, 3:18 AM GMT

Skipped the music.

Do that every time, unless the band is exceptional.

I always watch the music. I'm fascinated by how 99% of the music on there manages to sound awful.
Don't know if it's the people they choose or the fault of the show somehow.

The lighting for the music is always great. Kinda lost interest in this show, needs a bit of a revamp.

This is my favourite talk show, well, bar when Craig Ferguson hosted the Late Late Show in America. Consistently funny, you get pairings you'd never imagine and Graham Norton actually knows that the show is about the guests not the host. I have spent hours watching little clips on YouTube, like when Hugh Jackman and Billy Crystal read out Bake Off innuendo.