The Graham Norton Show

Anyone seen the new series?
I always find it quite watchable

I'm enjoying Sean Lock on this week's episode.

I always try and watch it. It's enjoyable enough, especially the red chair part, harks back to sillyness his C4 show. Funny to watch the guests watch themselves in the monitor too.

Missed most of this week's but it didn't look like I missed much anyway.

Graham's C4 shows were better. He's had to reign it in for the BBC a tad.
He does get a few big stars on there though.

I loved Bette Midler on the show. Her reaction to that photo of David Haye fighting that 7 foot Russian was priceless.

I also love the Hollywood celebs who have obviously never seen the show's reaction to Graham pulling the lever. They are totally shocked!

Gotta say I do find it easy to watch and chill to late at night. Apart from the opening standup/picture (predictable jokes) part, it is very good.

Aye, Sean Lock was great last week, could just listen to his random outbursts about crap for hours.

Quote: Steve Sunshine @ December 11 2010, 11:30 PM GMT

He's had to reign it in for the BBC a tad.

*sniggers profusely* :D Oooh-errr!!! :P

Oh, sorry, that wasn't one, was it? Apologies. As you were... *errr*

Can I ask why the BCG is listing 13 episodes for the new series? Everywhere else I've seen is stating 12.

The production company's website states that this series runs for 13 weeks, is why.

:D I enjoy his audience participation! Very fresh and expect the unexpected.

I did like the iPhone messages he read out this week.

Hi everyone! Check this out...

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Did anyone else have trouble understanding a word Phill Jupitus said on this week's episode?


I've just done research... apparently that *wasn't* Phil Jupitus :O And yes, I couldn't understand him either. Brilliant planning putting him on the same show as Dara O'Briain, I wonder how much he understood Dara.

Is it just me or was there some awkwardness/tension going on in the episode with Ken Branagh, Keira Knightly and Lee Mack?

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