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Steve Sunshine

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I may stick another one on later
So free for all on the answers

Which are here

Friday Quiz September 5th 2014
1. Who managed to say 'Good Morning' in Welsh yesterday? Barack Obama
2. Emma Watson won last year, but who took over her title at an awards ceremony this week? Kim Kardashian - GQ Woman of the Year
3. In Bullseye, contestants needed to score how much in six darts to win the star prize? 101
4. Where is this? Scottish Parliament Building - Edinburgh

5. What substance is rubbed across the bows of string instruments to enhance friction? Rosin (not accepting resin)
6. What 12-letter term is given to a politician who runs for office in an area where he or she has no ties? Carpetbagger
7. Which Benedictine monk is reputed to have invented sparkling wine? Dom Perignon
8. What word for the testing of a metal to determine its ingredients or purity comes from an Old French word meaning 'trial' or 'attempt'? Assay
9. What links these pictures? Faith, Hope & Charity

10. Name the film. The Ladykillers
11. What term for a large urban area is derived from the Greek for 'mother' and 'city'? Metropolis
12. According to naval superstition, any sailor who sees which ghost ship will die within a day? The Flying Dutchman
13. Who is this? Scott Bakula
14. What name is given to a selection of different Indian dishes, usually served in small steel bowls on a round tray ? Thali
15. What is the salad plant rocket commonly known as in the US? Arugula
16. What name is given to a glass that contains 2/3 of a pint? Schooner
17. Transport. Six sites in Scotland, one in Wales and one near Newquay in Cornwall are being considered as possible sites for the UK's first what? Spaceport

18. Three strangers meet on a lonely hillside. One has three loaves of bread but no money; the second has five loaves, but no money; whilst the third only had money. They sat down to eat and shared the loaves equally. The next day, the traveler with the money left eight silver guineas for the other two travelers in payment for the bread. How should they share the money fairly? Since they all shared the 8 loaves they ate 2 2/3 loaves each. Thus one gave 1/3 of a loaf while the other gave 2 1/3 loaves to the man with none. The second one gave 7 times as much and should receive 7 times as much back as the other.
The first should get one coin while the other gets 7 coins

19. What links these pictures: Remove the first letter for a bird's name: (b)owl; (b)eagle; (b)rook; (s)tern; (s)teal

20. Unscramble the two words : C E E I I K L M M O P R LICKER & POMMIE


Gordon Bennett

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12. Opportunities

13. Martin Scorcese

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A Horseradish

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17 Ceilidh

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Hercules Grytpype Thynne

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Quote: Steve Sunshine @ 7th November 2014, 6:52 PM GMT

20. Unscramble the two words : C E E I I K L M M O P R LICKER & POMMIE

I think I should get extra points:-

Quote: Hercules Grytpype Thynne @ 7th November 2014, 8:02 PM GMT



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14. basking shark

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Hercules Grytpype Thynne

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I can see that No. 9 is Andrew Sachs on the left but for the life of me cannot see how he connects with Ken Morley playing a bass guitar. Annoyed



Steve Sunshine

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It's Trevor Horn

So it's probably Horn & Sax.
Why don't I go & get the answers & find out.

here we go

Friday Quiz September 12th 2014
1. Which Bond baddie is alas no more ? Jaws (actor Richard Kiel)
2. Who 'felt comfortable' in just his Calvins this week ? Justin Bieber
3. Which is the tallest building in the City? The Cheesegrater / Leadenhall Building (122 Leadenhall Street)
4. Name the game. Destiny

5. Who has David Cameron said was a childhood comic hero of his? Benny Hill
6. Who is the only judge to appear in the first seven series of Dancing On Ice? Robin Cousins
7. Which recent Best Picture Oscar winner starred a Jack Russell terrier? The Artist
8. 1961 was the last year that could be rotated through 180 degrees and read the same. When is the next year that this will be true? 6009
9. What links these pictures Woodwind instrument homophones - Andrew Sachs / Trevor Horn

10. Name the 'R'. Remoulade
11. What is the only European country, when written in upper case, that has no letters that can be coloured in ? LIECHTENSTEIN
12. The subtitle to which hit by the Pet Shop Boys was 'Let's Make Lots of Money' ? Opportunities
13. Who is this? Martin Scorsese
14. The world's second largest shark, which is a regular visitor to British coastal waters in summer, is commonly known by what name? Basking Shark
15. What term describes the way of walking particular to mammals, including humans, in which the whole lower surface of the foot is on the ground? Plantigrade
16. Victory in a close race in which sport is sometimes referred to as 'winning by a canvas'? Rowing
17. Which Gaelic word is used for a social gathering involving traditional music and dancing? Ceilidh
18. Angela's birthday is in exactly 4 weeks time. Today is her birthday with the month and the day reversed. When is her birthday? You can say that the month and day must differ by 1.
Furthermore, if their difference is 1, then the previous month must have 1 day more than 28, which is February in a leap year. Therefore, Angela's birthday is March 2nd.

19. What links these pictures: Singles by The Pretenders (Kid; Brass in Pocket; Middle of the Road; Stop Your Sobbing; Back on the Chain Gang)

20. Unscramble the two words : D E E I I K L N R V Y LIVER & KIDNEY



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19. Tea-



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3. Gorgons

6. Capuchin