Is this scene missing from Stage Fright (OFAH)?

Only Fools And Horses. Image shows from L to R: Uncle Albert (Buster Merryfield), Del (David Jason), Rodney (Nicholas Lyndhurst). Copyright: BBC.

Only Fools And Horses

Sitcom about two market traders, Del Boy and his brother Rodney



  • Monday 6th December 2010, 4:48pm [Edited]
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Hello, This is my first post here. I need some help with the Only Fools And Horses episode Stage Fright. I have been told that a scene has had a minor cut, But I am unsure if this is true. Below is the script for the scene with Tony in his dressing room. It starts after Tony "Signs" the contract:

(Holding up
No, you've already one it, son.

As Del opens the door, Tony is left wondering 'When did I sign that?'

This is where my copy ends, and then cuts to the pub, below is what is missing.

Cut to corridor. Del, Rodney and Tony enter.

(To Tony)
See you in the morning.

Rodney and Del exit.

Tony takes pen from a lady fan and is about to sign
his autograph.

What's your name?

Lady elbows him out the way aggressively.

Get out of my way, you.
Where's Tony?

The fan calls into the washroom.

Tony, Tony!


I have never seen the original, If anyone on here has a recording from 1991 it would be a good thing to check. I hope somebody can help. Many Thanks, Ronnie.



  • Tuesday 14th December 2010, 8:31am
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.. the version I saw also cuts to the pub, after Tony is standing confused after Del says "No! .. it's alright son, you've already signed it .. look {pats Tony on shoulder} ... Lovely Jubbely, then phases in Rachel & Uncle Albert, sitting at table in the Pub.

Del & Rodney walk into the pub, as Rodney says "I Can't believe that was the same bloke!" etc. etc.

All the best,
Cal :)


Dene Kernohan

  • Thursday 16th December 2010, 10:12pm
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To confirm what SivoxII says above -- I just checked my off-air copy from 1991 and no such scene appears.

It crossfades from Tony Angelino's confused reaction to Del saying he has already signed the contract to the Nag's Head.



  • Friday 17th December 2010, 12:59am [Edited]
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It was on GOLD yesterday and that's exactly what happened.



  • Thursday 20th January 2011, 6:25pm [Edited]
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Thanks for your responses. It must have been cut before broadcast and left in the released script. The same thing happens in A Royal Flush (original).



  • Friday 21st January 2011, 1:01pm
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Sadly, it's more than likely that if there is a non-original cut version, then that is what GOLD are showing, not just what is on DVD. Having said that, GOLD don't cut to fill standard half-hour timeslots any longer, and there's no obvious reason why that mini-scene would be cut otherwise.