Absolutely Fabulous - New Series

So, they're thinking about making another series of Ab Fab (story). Good idea? Bad idea? Did you even enjoy the originals?

I could do with some decent soundbites to add to the story!

It was, frankly, pretty unfunny the first time around. There are much better candidates for resurrection if the BBC are too scared to come up with any new or family-friendly ideas.

I didn't especially enjoy it

It'll be pretty pathetic with how old the cast will be

I enjoyed the characters in the original series but haven't cared for any of the returns and I'm not particularly excited for this one.

Loved it when it was originally on; if they want to make more, I'd certainly watch.

Be difficult to see if they can make it relevant to today's economic depression. It was very much of the time in the 90s and about excess.

The two last series were weaker than the first ones in the 90s, but would still like to see a new one.

I loved it when it was new. When I watch the repeats some of them work, some of them don't. The Saffy bits were always funny, the scenes/storylines where something actually happened, and their bizarre characters were in the real world were great. I never liked the weird trippy, dreamy flash backs and things, they should get rid of those.

But I am quite interested to see a new series!

Loved it to start with, then cooled quite a bit and pretty much stopped watching. I'll give it another whirl, although Jennifer saunder's track record hasn't been great of late. Dawn French seems to have had more success in recent years.

I'm happy to hear Jennifer Saunders is up for it after her recent health issues, and Joanna Lumley is always good value, so I'll be looking forward to this. I loved it when it was on, I'll even sit through repeats, it's class.

I agree that to start with it was fresh and original although the joke didn't really stretch as far as they tried to.

See - I'm not totally anti-Jennifer Saunders.

F**king best news like, erm...ever like!

Didn't like the one who Saffy married, he was annoying so I hope he's died by now. But on the whole a new series would make me very happy.

It never took itself seriously, that's what I liked, it was crass, a bit nasty (Edina bullying people) and totally OTT.


Does this mean Erasure will also be returning :D

I'd love Erasure to make a come back.

I remember being so young and stupid that I read in a magazine that Andy Bell was gay and was shocked.