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I had completely missed this thread and was told the other day that you were involved in Series 5, so started reading through this from page 1. So now I am almost simultaneously saying "great news on the gig", and "what a bummer" to cover the disappointment. Seriously, it is a genuine well done and commiserations at once. Good experience, no doubt, which I'm sure you'll follow through. Ultimately, well done the Stott!

Thanks, it was certainly an interesting and fun experience. Especially when we all met up and I was asked how I got to be there, and I obviously pointed them to my giant list of credits.

So, the news hits the streets on NO SERIES 5 .... GUTTED!!!!!!

I don't believe on dragging comedies on and on and on, but feel that The IT Crowd still had more gas in the tank. This is a bombshell for all fans and the announcement of a "Special" and "potential" movie, well, it's a bit of a consolation prize in my honest opinion.

Oh the back of the rumour about Rik & Ade's Old Folks Home hoax ... begs the question, why own a telly or anything that "doesn't" bring us these titan comedies???

Did I mention GUTTED?

All the sad,

Graham Linehan on why he's not doing a 5th series...
"Apart from anything else, we're probably reaching that stage where it begins to feel odd that Roy, Jen and Moss are still stuck down in that basement."

Humm, I feel sort of the same about my own job :)

How it initially came to be that I almost wrote for 'The IT Crowd':

*lol* They're all excellent.

*has a new found respect for Stott* ;)

It's true, I am one talented bastard.

Haha, well played. Few potential great episodes there, *pictures them inside head*

Hehe -- liked all them. What's Linehan *thinking*?!


Impressive story and cool website


"Roy is mugged by Nicholas Lyndhurst."

I think that sounds a better episode than half of those they actually did produce; certainly better than many in Series 4! Good stuff, Stotty. :)

Did anyone else see The IT Crowd on the homepage today, get excited, read the piece and quietly sob?

I'm in new territory here, feeling sorry for Stott. luckily I read his page of ideas and the sadness was replaced with relief.

That said, Linehan comes out of the interview sounding like a bit of a c**t - the distaste at being forced to use or spring off other people's ideas, the mention of payments eating into his fee... Christ.

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I'm in new territory here, feeling sorry for Stott. luckily I read his page of ideas and the sadness was replaced with relief.

Wait, Godot being unpleasant for no reason? Since when?!

Oh, and while browsing around this thread, I read your blog post, Matthew.

The one about Jen dating the deceptively short guy had me in stitches. And it's so IT-Crowd-esque that I can practically imagine the episode in my head. Brilliant!