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Steve Sunshine

  • Friday 16th July 2010, 8:42pm [Edited]
  • Dagenham, England
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Did anyone see this when it was on?

I remember enjoying it at the time, I'm not a big Alexei Sayle fan but I remember this show being really clever & funny.



  • Friday 16th July 2010, 9:16pm
  • England
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Although Sayle's never been a favourite of mine, I enjoyed this a lot. Then again, David Renwick was one of the writers so it had a good pedigree. The All New Alexei Sayle Show was good too.

Off-topic post by chipolata on Fri 16th Jul 2010, 23:12

This thread's almost as popular as your Let's Play Another Game thread, Sunshine! ;)

AvatarBCG Supporter


  • Friday 16th July 2010, 11:17pm
  • Surreyish., England
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It was one of the first "alternative" sketch shows so it was a must to watch. It seemed quite groundbreaking at the time.

Off-topic post by Steve Sunshine on Fri 16th Jul 2010, 23:21
Quote: chipolata @ July 16 2010, 11:12 PM BST

This thread's almost as popular as your Let's Play Another Game thread, Sunshine! ;)

I can do worse than this thread believe me.
And I probably will.

But it's coming to something when a Chip endorsed thread doesn't get to the second page.
Give it time.. they will come.


Matthew Stott

  • Friday 16th July 2010, 11:22pm
  • Yemen
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I've been thinking about picking this up at some point. I was too young to be interested when it was on.


sidecar jon

  • Saturday 17th July 2010, 9:12pm
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I remember it as very good and strangely aggressive. And of course I had to endure questions about my "new motor"... must look out for it.



  • Tuesday 20th July 2010, 12:43am
  • Merseyside, England
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I can remember watching the first series when I was a kid. There was a sketch about Oscar Wilde teaching a self-defence class, wasn't there?


robert aitken

  • Tuesday 20th July 2010, 2:13am
  • Scotland
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Awful. Remember watching tele willing him to be funny, because liked his political affiliations, but he was crap. I think he's a good man, but I don't think performance comedy is his forte.


Frankie Mildly Perturbed

  • Tuesday 20th July 2010, 2:24am
  • London, United Kingdom
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I always felt that he was much better in theory than he actually was in practice. Not crap but just not as funny as he ought to have been, somehow.


john lucas 101

  • Tuesday 20th July 2010, 11:27am [Edited]
  • England
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Saw Alexei Sayle live twice in the 1980s. Absolutely superb. Funniest comedian I ever saw.

And this show was good, too.



  • Tuesday 20th July 2010, 7:19pm
  • Belfast, Northern Ireland
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I loved this show.



  • Thursday 22nd July 2010, 5:01pm
  • England
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Loved the Miami vice spoof which featured Blakey :lol: On YouTube somewhere...