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For those not on the mailing list . .

Dear I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue Mailing List Member

This is to bring you news of a memorial concert for Humphrey Lyttelton on the evening of Sunday 25th April at the Hammermsith HMV Apollo, which is being organised by Humph's son Stephen, who has set up a charitable fund in his father's name to assist talented young jazz musicians. The concert will serve both as a memorial to Humph and a fund-raiser for the charity, which will operate in conjunction with the Royal Academy of Music's jazz department. The team from 'I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue' will be taking part, and tickets go on sale on Monday 1st March. You are advised to book early to avoid disappointment!

Here's how the concert describes itself:

Humphrey Lyttelton - A Celebration Concert
Launching The Humphrey Lyttelton Royal Academy of Music Jazz Award
Sunday 25th April HMV Apollo

The life and work of Humphrey Lyttelton, jazz musician and broadcaster, is celebrated in a unique concert that brings together band members, guest musicians and the I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue team for an evening of jazz and joviality that will raise funds for the Humph Trust.

Never one to revel in his own popularity, Humph got tremendous joy from encouraging and assisting the work of young jazz musicians. The aim of the Trust will be to build on this legacy by supporting and developing the careers of budding new talent.

The Humphrey Lyttelton Royal Academy of Music Jazz Award
Humphrey Lyttelton championed jazz music in the United Kingdom for his entire career. Having a more prominent position in the jazz scene than almost all other jazz musicians in the UK, this was clearly beneficial to an often under publicised form of music.

There is a lot to be proud of in jazz music coming out of the UK these days and The Royal Academy of Music has produced many of the exciting new wave of talented jazz artists on the current national/international scene.

"At the age of 15, I met Humph for the first time on a concert and his enthusiasm and encouragement had a profound effect on me, inspiring me to practise and also to feel part of a tradition and lineage. I was also even more pleased, when meeting Humph over subsequent years, that he always asked me how I was getting on and showed genuine interest! It is therefore a great pleasure to see this award set up in Humphrey Lyttelton's name at the Academy, to help create support and guidance into jazz for future generations of players."
Gerard Presencer, Head of Jazz, Royal Academy of Music.

The Concert
The line up for the evening features a glittering array of musicians and comedians paying tribute to Humph.

The Humphrey Lyttelton Bands:
Adrian Macintosh - Ray Wordsworth - Robert Fowler - Ted Beament - Tony Fisher - Tony Coe - Jimmy Hastings - Wally Fawkes - John Picard - Dave Green - John Barnes - Karen Sharp - Eddie Taylor - Eddie Harvey - John Rees-Jones

With Special Guests:
Courtney Pine - Elkie Brooks - Charlie Watts - Jools Holland - Ben Waters - Stacey Kent - Graeme Garden - Jack Dee - Tim Brooke-Taylor - Rob Brydon - Barry Cryer - Andy Hamilton - Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen - Jeremy Hardy - Acker Bilk and his Paramount Jazz Band - Tony Hawks - Tina May - Louise Parker - Sue Richardson - Colin Sell - Sandi Toksvig - Jim Tomlinson

Tickets: £45, £35, £25
For tickets please visit The HMV Apollo Website - OR call Ticket Line: 08448 44 47 48.
Alternatively visit Ticketmaster -

I will be sending details of the three Spring recordings of 'I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue' in late March/early April. The series will feature Tim, Barry, Graeme and Colin as usual, with Jack Dee in the chair.

With best wishes

Jon Naismith
Producer, I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue


Alfred J Kipper

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With Dankworth gone too now, there's only Acker Bilk, Kenny Ball and a handful of lesser known trad jazzmen left in England to keep this great musical genre alive. Trad jazz is so maligned by most people it is a great shame, it's one of the most infectious musical styles known to man, but of course it isn't cool, whereas modern jazz is eternaly cool! I hope it does live on and even get some sort of revival but unless you start digging people up I just don't see it happening, daddio. Long live the humph.