Larks Page 414

The Phall and Rice of Reginald Perrin

Bean John Malkovich

Prawn Of The Dead

Viva Ciabatta!


A Plaice in the Sun

The Thin Blue Lime

Source Cod

Eel Meet Again

Wok Hard: The Dewey Cooks Story

The Wild Brunch

The Camomile Lorne

Ricky Gervais's's 'Eggstras'; "EGG! LIKE A BIRD'S EGG!"


Mango & Cashew

The Whey We Were

Sons of the Dessert

Fava, Dear Fava

Raisin Arizona


A Pizza the Action

(Apologies if some of these have been posted)

James Bond films by Cupboard of Brocolli :-

You Only Endive Twice
Endive Another Day
For Your Endives Only
On Her Majesty's Silver Service
Liver Let Fry
Tomato Never Fries
The Man with the Golden Bun
Never Say Liver Again
A Stew to Fill
Licence to Grill
Cashew Royale
Quantity of Shallot
From Brussel Sprout with Love
The Soup is Not Enough

Too tired..................Nighty Night :) *sleep*

Quote: Gordon Bennett @ 10th July 2019, 9:02 PM

Thyme Bandits


Beverly Hills Cod

Pie Hard

Under Sage

Forgot this one...........

Fry Another Way

Cheeseburger Hill

Full taty jacket

Full Meal Jacket Potato *innocent*

The Liquidiser

Captain Marmite


Kingsman: The Silver Service

The Pie Who Loved Me

Ali Baba and the Forty Sieves

V for Vienetta

Get Smarties

Didn't we do this theme around 2013 (can't be arsed to check)

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