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  • Friday 30th April 2021, 10:39pm
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Aha! A thread for me!

My DVD collection has been carefully curated (yes, curated) for a couple of decades now. Here's a rough summarisation of the comedy categories that make up something like 90% of the content, in no particular order...


This Is Jinsy (all)
Wild West (all)
Green Wing (all)
The League of Gentlemen (all, plus live shows and all that)
Psychoville (all)
People Like Us (all)
David Mitchell's Soapbox
That Mitchell and Webb Look (all)
Manstrokewoman (all)
That Peter Kay Thing
Phoenix Nights (all)
The Thin Blue Line (all)
Not the Nine O'Clock News (best of)
The Royle Family (everything up until The Golden Egg Cup)
Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister (all)
A Bit of Fry and Laurie (all)
Jeeves and Wooster (all)
If You See God Tell Him
One Foot In The Grave (all)
The Bleak Old Shop of Stuff
Cruise of the Gods
The Complete Coogan box set
Vicious (all)
Monty Python (everything ever released on DVD, I think!)
Fawlty Towers (all)
Ripping Yarns (all)
Spike Milligan's Q (all)
Bottom (all, plus live shows)
The Young Ones (all)
Father Ted (all)
Spaced (all)
Coupling (all)
Black Books (all)
Stephen Fry (cluster of documentaries and the like)
QI (only the K-M box set... this needs rectification when I've got the pocket money)
Never Mind the Buzzcocks (best of)
The Fast Show (all, plus live shows)
Ted and Ralph
Swiss Toni (all)
Fun at the Funeral Parlour (all)
Brian Pern (all)
Red Dwarf (1 to 10)
Hyperdrive (all)
The Mighty Boosh (all, plus live shows)
Man to Man with Dean Learner
Garth Marenghi's Darkplace
Toast of London (all)
Year of the Rabbit
A Touch of Cloth (all)
15 Storeys High (all)
Big Train (all)
Maid Marion and Her Merry Men (all)
Blackadder (all)
The Catherine Tate Show (all)
Dead Ringers (1)
The IT Crowd (all)
The Office (all)
Little Britain (all, plus live and USA)
Rock Profile
Walliams and Friend
The Armstrong and Miller Show (all)
At Last Smith and Jones (best of)
Til Death Us Do Part (4 and 5)
In Sickness and In Health (1 and 2)
The Day Today
Rob Brydon's Annually Retentive (all)
Directors Commentary
Human Remains

Everything released on DVD of the following:

Bill Bailey
Eddie Izzard
Jon Richardson
Greg Davies
Sarah Millican
Rhod Gilbert
Ben Elton
Daniel Sloss
Omid Djalili
Josh Widdicombe
Ross Noble
Mark Watson
Romesh Ranganathan
Phill Jupitus
Russell Howard
Joe Lycett
Alan Davies
Dylan Moran
Rufus Hound
Seann Walsh


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  • Friday 30th April 2021, 11:06pm
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Where can I add my Record and CD collections?

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  • Saturday 15th May 2021, 4:52pm
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These are the UK comedy shows I have on DVD in various wallets:-

Classic UK Comedy pt. 1
Dead Ringers S1
One Foot In The Grave
The Fast Show
Blackadder - S1
Blackadder - S2
Blackadder - S3
Blackadder - S4 (goes forth)
Are You Being Served?
Armstrong & Miller S1-3
TV Burp (2008) (TV recording)
TV Burp Gold 2
Cream of TV Burp (2012)
Porridge / Open All Hours
Only Fools & Horses S1-7
Keeping Up Appearances S1-4
Mr. Bean vol. 1-4
Extras S1-2
The Office S1-2
The Best of Chewin' The Fat
Life's Too Short S1
The Two Ronnies
Morecambe and Wise
Allo 'Allo
One Foot In The Grave
Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em S1&3
Derek series 1
Paul Merton In Galton & Simpson's... S1
Paul Merton in India
Paul Merton in China
Big Train S1-2
Hale & Pace S3
A Bit of Fry & Laurie S1
Beadle's About S1
That Mitchell & Webb Look S1-2
Have I Got News For You - The Best of the Guest Presenters Vol. 2
The Best Of Adam & Joe Show
Catherine Tate Show S1-2
Harry Hill in Hooves

Classic UK comedy pt. 2
Fawlty Towers S1-2
Porridge S1-3
Rhod Gilbert's Work Experience S1-2
Little Britain S1-2
The Keith Barret Show
The Alan Patridge show
I'm Alan Partridge
Alan Partridge - Knowing Me, Knowing Yule
I'm Alan Partridge
Alan Partridge - Mid Morning Matters S1
Alan Partridge - Mid Morning Matters S2
Alan Partridge - Scissored Isle
The Trip S1
Father Ted S1-3
Still Game (series 1-6 and specials)
Dear Green Place S1
Marion & Geoff S1-2
Black Books S1-3
Green Wing S1-2
Green Wing Special
Fonejacker S1-2
Facejacker S1
The Revolution Will Be Televised
Ricky Gervais Show S1-3
Bad Education S1-S2
Big School S1-2
Family Tree
Twenty Twelve S1-2
W1A S1-2
Rev S1-3
The IT Crowd S1- 4
The IT Crowd - The Internet Is Coming final episode
The Armando Iannucci shows
The Kumars at No. 42
Absolutely Fabulous S1-4
The Best of French & Saunders
Mrs. Merton and Malcolm
Toast of London

UK Comedy pt. 3
An Idiot Abroad S1-3
The Moaning of Life S1-2
Sick of It S1-2
Spitting Image S7
Trigger Happy TV S1-3
Lead Balloon S1-4 - 30 mins
Coogan's Run
Outnumbered S1-4 (and 2009 Christmas special)
Lee Evans: So What Now? S1
Creature Comforts S1-2
Red Dwarf S7-8
Uncle S1
The Best Of Not The 9'O Clock News Vol 1-2
The Mighty Boosh S1-3
The Brittas Empire S1-7
Smith & Jones
Rory and Paddy's Great British Adventure
John Bishop live - Rollercoaster tour 2012
The High Life
Time Trumpet
Walk On The Wild Side S1
Benidorm S1-S2
Benidorm summer special
Benidorm S3-S7

UK Comedy pt. 4
Two Doors Down S1-3
The Thick of It S1-4 & special