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Hercules Grytpype Thynne

  • Wednesday 19th August 2015, 10:20pm
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Quote: TheBlueNun @ 12th July 2015, 12:40 PM BST

I've never even heard of Billy Pearce; he wasn't the one who married a Beverley Sister was he, or was that footballer Billy Wright?

:O Never heard of Billy Pearce? And No.......Yes.



  • Monday 1st January 2018, 12:27pm [Edited]
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Only Fools and Horses: Complete
Seven of One
Porridge: Complete TV Series and the Movie
Going Straight
Open All Hours: Complete
Still Open All Hours: Series 1 and 2
Steptoe and Son: Complete TV Series and the Movies
In Sickness and In Health: Complete
Happy Ever After: Complete
Keeping Up Appearances: Complete
Gimme Gimme Gimme: Complete
Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em: Complete
My Family: Complete
The Young Ones: Complete
Bottom: Complete Series 1-3
The Royle Family: Complete
Rising Damp: Complete TV Series and the Movie
Man About the House: Complete TV Series
George and Mildred: Complete TV Series
Robin's Nest: Complete
Bless This House: Complete TV Series and Movie
On The Buses: Complete TV Series and Movies
Carry On's: Complete Collection
Mr Bean: Volume 1-4 Boxset.
The Vicar of Dibley: Complete
Men Behaving Badly: Complete
Goodnight Sweetheart: Complete

I think I've got more, but if I do, I will update the post.

Wishlist: Are You Being Served?, Terry and June, The Likely Lads and Allo Allo.

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  • Sunday 7th January 2018, 12:49am [Edited]
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Haven't bought it yet but Otley has been in my Amazon basket for some time at around £12. For me that seems a lot for a single film and I can't decide if it will be worth it. Lots of famous names and I vaguely remember enjoying it when it was on TV however many decades ago but rose tinted glassed and all that.


Gordon Bennett

  • Tuesday 14th August 2018, 6:50pm
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British comedy on DVD:
-The Best Of The Two Ronnies
-Monty Python's Flying Circus (Complete + the movies)
-Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em (series 1-3)
-Porridge (Series 1-3 + Christmas specials)
-Open All Hours (Complete)
-Fawlty Towers (Complete)
-The Best Of Not The Nine O Clock News (1+2)
-Only Fools & Horses (Complete)
-Red Dwarf ("Just The Shows" + "Back To Earth")
-Blackadder (Complete)
-Rising Damp (Complete)
-The Fall & Rise Of Reginald Perrin (Complete)
-The Young Ones (Complete)
-Bottom (Complete)
-Filthy Rich & Catflap
-One Foot In The Grave (Complete)
-The New Statesman (Complete)
-The Brittas Empire (Series 1+2)
-Mr. Bean (Complete)
-The Thin Blue Line (Complete)
-Father Ted (Complete)
-Believe Nothing
-Nighty Night (Series 1)
-Lead Balloon (Series 1+2)
-The Office (Complete)
-Extras (Series 1+2)
-Spaced (Complete)
-The Mighty Boosh (Series 1-3)
-The Day Today
-I'm Alan Partridge (Series 1+2)/Knowing Me Knowing You/Mid Morning Matters Series 1
-Dad's Army (Complete)
-The Likely Lads/Whatever... (Complete)
-Come Fly With Me
-Smack The Pony (Series 1)
-Steptoe & Son (Complete)
-Hancock's Half Hour & Hancock (Complete)
-It Ain't Half Hot Mum (Complete)
-Yes Minister/Yes Prime Minister (Complete)
-Not Going Out (Series 1-5)
-George & Mildred (Complete)
-Hi-De-Hi! (Complete)
-You Rang, M'Lord? (Complete)
-Are You Being Served? (Series 1-8)
-Goodnight Sweetheart (Complete)
-Love Thy Neighbour (Complete)
-Seven Of One
-The Green Green Grass (Series 2)
-Get Some In (Complete)
-Life's Too Short (The Series + The Special)
-The Trip + The Trip To Italy (Feature Film Versions)
-Man About The House (Complete)
-Mind Your Language (Complete)
-In Sickness & In Health (Complete)
-The Lovers (Complete)
-Robin's Nest (Complete)
-Citizen Smith (Complete)
-Bless This House (Complete)
-On The Buses (Complete)
-'Allo 'Allo (Complete)
-Only When I Laugh (Complete)
-Bless Me, Father (Complete)
-Ever Decreasing Circles (Complete)

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Miss Reason

  • Wednesday 15th August 2018, 8:25pm
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Good grief, there are some enviable collections on here. Here's my list of comedy box sets - all legitimate, much to the horror of my bank account.

A Bit of Fry and Laurie (complete)
Absolutely Fabulous (complete)
After You've Gone (complete)
Alcock and Gander (complete)
'Allo 'Allo (complete)
An Idiot Abroad (series 1-2)
Are You Being Served? (complete)
The Armstrong and Miller Show (complete)
A Sharp Intake of Breath (complete)
Astronauts (complete)
Beast (complete)
Big Train (complete)
Blackadder (complete)
Black Books (complete)
Bless This House (complete)
Bottom (complete)
Bread (complete)
The Brittas Empire (complete)
Butterflies (complete)
The Carry On Films (complete)
Car Share (complete)
The Catherine Tate Show (series 1)
Citizen Smith (complete)
Clarence (complete)
Come Fly With Me (complete)
Count Arthur Strong (series 1-2)
Cuckoo (series 1-3)
Dad's Army (complete)
Dinnerladies (complete)
Doc Martin (series 1-5)
Ever Decreasing Circles (complete)
Extras (complete)
The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin (complete)
The Fast Show (complete)
Father Ted (complete)
Fawlty Towers (complete)
First of the Summer Wine (complete)
French and Saunders (complete)
Gavin and Stacey (complete)
George and Mildred (complete)
George and the Dragon (complete)
Get Some In! (complete)
Getting on (complete)
Girls on Top (complete)
Going Straight (complete)
The Goodies (currently the three collections and LWT Series - full set has been pre-ordered :) )
The Good Life (complete)
Goodnight Sweetheart (complete)
Green Wing (series 1-2)
Hancock (complete)
Hancock's Half Hour (complete)
Hardware (complete)
Hark at Barker (complete)
Harry Hill's TV Burp (4 collections)
Heading Out (complete)
Hi-De-Hi! (complete)
House of Fools (complete)
Hunderby (complete)
The Inbetweeners (complete)
In Loving Memory (complete)
Inside No. 9 (series 3-4)
It Ain't Half Hot Mum (complete)
The IT Crowd (complete)
I'm Alan Partridge (complete)
Jam & Jerusalem (complete)
Jonathan Creek (series 1-4)
Keeping Up Appearances (complete)
Last of the Summer Wine (series 1-2)
Lead Balloon (complete)
The League of Gentlemen (complete)
Let Them Eat Cake (complete)
The Likely Lads (complete)
Little Britain (complete)
Little Britain USA (complete)
The Liver Birds (series 2-3)
Lollipop Loves Mr Mole (complete)
The Lovers (complete)
Love Soup (complete)
The Magnificent Evans (complete)
Man About the House (complete)
Max and Paddy's Road to Nowhere (complete)
Meet the Wife (complete)
Men Behaving Badly (complete)
The Mighty Boosh (complete)
Mind Your Language (complete)
Miranda (complete)
Monty Python (films and TV series)
Morecambe and Wise (films and TV series)
Mr Bean (complete)
Mutual Friends (complete)
My Family (complete)
The New Statesman (complete)
Nightingales (complete)
Nighty Night (complete)
Not Going Out (series 1-5)
Odd Man Out (complete)
The Office (complete)
Oh Dr Beeching! (complete)
One Foot in the Grave (complete)
Only Fools and Horses (complete)
Only When I Laugh (complete)
On the Buses (complete)
On the Up (complete)
Open All Hours (complete)
Our House (complete)
Outnumbered (complete)
Phoenix Nights (complete)
The Piglet Files (complete)
Plebs (complete)
Porridge (complete)
Psychoville (complete)
Red Dwarf (series 1-11)
Rik Mayall Presents (complete)
Rising Damp (complete)
Rock and Chips (complete)
The Royle Family (outdated collection, need the last four specials)
Secret Policeman's Ball (25th anniversary collection)
Seven of One (complete)
Six Dates with Barker (complete)
Some Mothers Do 'Ave Em (complete)
Sorry! (complete)
Spy (complete)
Steptoe and Son (complete)
Sykes (complete)
That Mitchell and Webb Look (series 1)
That Peter Kay Thing (complete)
Then Churchill Said to Me (complete)
The Thick of It (complete)
The Thin Blue Line (complete)
This is Jinsy (series 1)
To the Manor Born (complete)
The Trip/The Trip to Italy
Two in Clover (complete)
Up Pompeii! (complete)
Up the Women (complete)
The Vicar of Dibley (complete)
Victoria Wood As Seen On TV (complete)
Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads? (complete)
Wild West (complete)
Wood and Walters (complete)
The Worst Week of My Life (complete)
Yes Minister (complete)
Yes Prime Minister (complete)
Yonderland (complete)
You Rang, M'lord? (complete)

Plus an assortment of stand up, stage shows, films and radio comedy. Storage space is swiftly running out :(

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