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  • Friday 4th August 2017, 11:30pm
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Thanks to this thread I recently purchased the entire box set of The Phil Silvers Show. I am currently watching through the first season. It's just as funny as I remember it.

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Hercules Grytpype Thynne

  • Friday 1st September 2017, 11:00pm
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Oh...............:( Bilko on Forces TV is now repeats already and never got to see one of the better M/Sgts played by Joe E Ross and his domineering wife Emma.

If that is all they are going to show (some 20 shows?) then I will have to treat myself to the box set.


Billy Bunter

  • Saturday 2nd September 2017, 9:11am
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Yes, I noticed that as well. As far as I can make out, they just showed series one and then started again instead of going on to series two, three & four. Still, 34 episodes is better than we've had from terrestrial tv in recent years.


Rood Eye

  • Friday 1st November 2019, 11:34am [Edited]
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I'm currently watching the un-aired pilot episode (the first of 143 episodes in total) and, in terms of everything comedic, it hasn't aged a day since 1955.

Set on a fictional army base in Roseville Kansas but actually filmed before a live studio audience in Manhattan, this is sitcom at its funniest and finest.

You can't get better than Bilko.


Rood Eye

  • Friday 1st November 2019, 2:42pm [Edited]
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Also, I believe that un-aired episode is probably the first program in TV history in which the word "motherf**ker" came close to being uttered.

When talking about a group of men who have recently cheated him at cards, Bilko gets as far as "Those muh . . ." before remembering he's talking to the padre and quickly correcting himself.

The first aired episode is a remake of the pilot in which several of the original cast members are replaced by the cast members that came to be known and loved by fans of the series.

Interestingly, in this first aired episode, when Bilko is talking to the padre about the soldiers who cheated him, he never comes close to using the offensive word.

Clearly, some TV executive spotted it in the pilot episode and nearly fainted!

Another interesting thing about this first aired episode is that it's the first appearance of the wonderful Colonel Hall, played by Paul Ford who was legendarily forgetful when it came to his lines.

He fluffed his second line and his third and went on to forget and fluff a great many more during his years at Fort Baxter.

My immediate thought is - if he was this bad in the broadcast episodes, how bad must he have been in the outtakes? Laughing out loud