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Mobile fone sketch


Steve Voyce

  • Saturday 7th October 2006, 1:07am
  • Newport City, Wales
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A young man and his girlfriend are walking along a street at night when they see a youth being kicked in by three other youths.
Our hero is about to intervene when his girlfriend checks him.

GIRL: No, darling, use your mobile

YOUNG MAN: Yes, I suppose you`re right.

He TAKES OUT his mobile, points it at the attacking youths in turn, and uses it like a star trek phaser to zap them out of existence.

The stricken youth manages to get to his feet, gives a big thumbs up to the couple.

YOUTH: Thanks, mate

the end
(that was one I used in my yet unproduced pilot themed sketch show;WAKE UP AND SMELL THE MILLENIUM`-oh, well, maybe you just had to BE there.)



  • Wednesday 11th October 2006, 3:02pm
  • Royal Berkshire, England
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Not a bad start, but a bit 'cheesey' IMO.