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Noel Fielding axed from Buzzcocks

I don't think there's another thread about this...

Does anyone else think this is complete bollocks?

I think it's totally fair to be honest, but am not convinced that it's totally down to the drugs. As much as I love him to bits when he's with Julian Barratt, which in my mind is when they both really shine, he's just not that funny on panel shows. "Oooh! I'll say some stuff about rainbows, obscure marsupials, electro bands and retro sweets much older than I am! They'll love me!" It's just random for the sake of trying to be funny and different. I'm not sure he's either anymore, and the drug line (hehe) could just be a pretence.

I found him extremely tiresome when on the show in the past, so am far from weeping into my pillow over this news.

I'm also far from surprised that he has an epic cocaine habit. He's looked like it for years.

I hope it's true that he's given up now. No one's as funny coked up.

I am, so I've heard (from the voices).

If this is true, I'll be really happy. I love The Mighty Boosh and loved Noel when he was first on Buzzcocks, but he doesn't work as a guest captain, he overpowers the show with almost-funny jokes, and that only work when he is on every once in a while, not every week.

Totally agree! He was just not right for the job, not funny and too random.

I'd suggest Lamarr as a replacement, I loved his sarcasm, and I'm sure he'd welcome a return to the tele, even if it wasn't as host.

Any other suggestions for Fieldings replacement?

We all know its going to be David Mitchell!

Ha! I don't think he'd feel comfortable in anything approaching a rock and roll environment.

I remember Frank Skinner doing well.

I hope it's Chris Eubank.

What about Terry Christian, he's got a good knowledge of music and is totally sarky?

Quote: Nil Putters @ August 17 2009, 9:25 PM BST

I remember Frank Skinner doing well.

I liked Frank Skinner as a team captain in the recent episode, he played well off the other guests and would made a good regular.

Quote: AngieBaby @ August 17 2009, 9:52 PM BST

What about Terry Christian, he's got a good knowledge of music and is totally sarky?

Thousands of TV sets across the country would end up smashed.

I didn't even know NF was team captain. What happened to Bill?

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