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No problem, just set our players on fire and blow them towards the Spanish, that'll scuttle 'em and their fancy tippy tappy football.

Should we beat the Netherlands tonight, we can look forward to watching the 16-year-old Lamine Yamal on Sunday.
The potential new Pele, Eusebio and Maridonna rolled into one.

England playing their best football of the tournament despite going a goal down early

Foden on fire

Never a penalty though.

Seems pretty unfair Spain get an extra days rest before the final....

Boring Southgate reaches ANOTHER final


England only win major tournaments under a Labour government 😋

Palmer/Watkins - what a goal!! As good as you will see from any world team - suddenly they have come alive and do now stand half a chance against the Spaniards if they carry on playing like that.

Them nobheads who threw stuff at Southgate look pretty fkn stupid now huh?

Roy Keane watching the late England goal - motionless.

Quote: Billy Bunter @ 10th July 2024, 8:52 PM

Never a penalty though.

You and Koeman together.

Quote: Stephen Goodlad @ 11th July 2024, 7:46 AM

Roy Keane watching the late England goal - motionless.

YES, the KNOB - we had him at Ipswich Town for a couple of years. Came with a big fanfare and was going to be our saviour, but basically did f**k all.

(If you enjoyed this - and who wouldn't? - I have also posted links to three 1966 World Cup songs by Lonnie Donegan and Roy Hudd on the Music Hall & Variety thread : )

Spain V England should have been the final 3 years ago to be fair
if it wasn't for them being as bad at Penalties as we were.

Oh no, they are against us winning.


Who cares about those heathens?

The Scottish 24/25 football season starts today.

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