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Fantastic last minute save
Well done Turkey


R.I.P. Jeff Whitefoot, age 90.

Jeff Whitefoot was one of the original Busby Babes, making his debut for Manchester United in 1950 at age 16 as a wing-half, winning the First Division title in both 1952 and 1956. He was transferred to Grimsby in 1957 before moving on to Nottingham Forest, being part of their FA Cup winning side (along with Elton John's Uncle Roy) in 1958/59. He was the last surviving member of that team. He also played once for England Under 23s.

In stark contrast to the subsequent careers of today's football stars, he later went on to run a greengrocer's.

Both tonight's quarter-finals overseen by Premier League teams of officials. Get ready for some VAR controversies and delays.

Jude suspended for grabbing his bollocks?


Quote: lofthouse @ 29th June 2024, 9:52 PM

Bloody Germans...



Shoot out between France and Portugal
I had this as a tight draw all the way, if Portugals keeper is anything like he was last time, I fear for my tournament bet on the French

Fine Margins
Germany Spain could have been the final and so could France V Spain
Great Penalties from France

I really am surprised we haven't seen Gordon Bennett on here giving it large

Semi final


but nothing- Semi final


That went alright
WIll the Semi be against Turkey?
As it stands it will, and they do look a bit tastey

Or it could be the Dutch

The Dutch 🇳🇱

Should be a good game

Would have preferred the Turks - but you're right, it'll be a good match.

Fantastic moments for Saka including a Worldie
And also Trent a little bit , we do love a good redempton story
Beckham, Pearce, Southgate etc

But all these semi finals we end up in these days,
Kids today don't know they're born

I know

In Mexico 86 I was over the moon cos we got to the quarter finals


Quote: lofthouse @ 6th July 2024, 10:55 PM

I know

In Mexico 86 I was over the moon cos we got to the quarter finals


Big Time
we were buzzing
but we never really thought we had a chance, and that Argentina team were exeptional
Although we amost John Barnesed them

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