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Will Cam

  • Wednesday 13th January 2021, 6:49pm
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Let's talk about the top football story - Charlie Austin back at QPR for only 39 minutes before scoring!

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Hercules Grytpype Thynne

  • Saturday 16th January 2021, 9:41am
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My how times have changed...................found this photo in an archive of Bill Harrison of the 1923/24 Ipswich Town Football Club team doing his day job of a dustman. Bill is the bloke on the left. (excuse the moiré - it's the best I could get it)



Billy Bunter

  • Saturday 16th January 2021, 10:17am [Edited]
  • The Sussex Coast, England
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Yes I remember him - he was predominantly a sweeper.

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Hercules Grytpype Thynne

  • Saturday 16th January 2021, 3:07pm
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Thrrrrrrrrrrumppppp Tisshhhhhhhhhh I thangyow.

Now you take my wife, please, somebody......................

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  • Monday 25th January 2021, 9:16pm
  • Surreyish., England
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As a Chelsea supporter I'm apalled but not at all surprised that Frank Lampard has been sacked.

At the time I felt they'd given him the job too soon.

He did a great job last season with basically a team of kids. Then in the Summer they recruited a load of European "stars" who they didn't really need. He probably didn't want them all and it disrupted the team. Of the 6 players bought in the Summer - probably by the club rather than his choices - only maybe 3 of them were needed.

A friend who is a Chelsea supporter too and has watched most of this season's games says that they don't really work hard enough.

Good luck Frank. I hope he doesn't come back to bite us.