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In England we report racism to police. In America the police shoot black people for no reason.
Swings and roundabouts!

(Mind you we have plenty of shitty police too, but I felt like being obnoxious.)

P.S. As we're in the weather thread - It's raining.

Quote: zooo @ 13th February 2018, 9:56 AM

In England we report racism to police. In America the police shoot black people for no reason.

Absolutely untrue, although I can't blame you for believing it, because it's what the press tries very hard to present as the truth. The truth is that cops shoot more white people than African Americans, but the number of wrongful shootings of people of any race can be counted on the fingers of one hand -- even if you're rather clumsy when it comes to chopping onions in the kitchen with a very sharp knife.

Some perspective: 6 American police officers have been shot dead in the last week.

I'd like to discuss the racism junk later in a different thread, but I need to head out on the streets in a few minutes. We shouldn't stink up the weather thread with this stuff, so I'll report that it's 39F/4C at the moment. It should be back in the low 70s (22C) in a couple of days.

Thing is you don't believe anything bad about Republicans, or guns or anything else you love either. So of course you don't believe there's a racist cop problem in America.

Agree about keeping this rubbish out of the weather thread though.

Quote: Definitely Tarby @ 12th February 2018, 11:19 PM

I know what you mean because when I moved to Stroud from the Midlands I noticed attitudes seemed slightly differnt from back home. I met people who still used the word coloured and referring to people as immigrants not realising it's offensive.

Firstly it is the weather thread so very cold and windy today with yet more rain, not a snowflake in sight and I can't see it coming now. Will have to go abroad to get some as I do miss it. The effect a first good snowfall of the season has on the spirit is amazing when you're seeing familiar surroundings in a whole new colour and the way it transforms trees into pieces of art is something to behold. Well, at least there's the winter Olympics on the box to look at it, artificial or not.

Tarby you've just highlighted the biggest contradictory twaddle that comes from the politically correct language police. HTF did coloured become offensive when saying persons of colour isn't? It's the same f**king word seen by pc nutters as heinous one way and correct usage another. Incomprehensible bullshit or what! And why should saying immigrants be offensive if they ARE immigrants??? What are we supposed to call them?

There is also a very clear distinction between direct racism and indirect racism, direct being undeniably offensive. But anyone who really goes to the police to report someone casually using a stray word to same race peers with no other races present ought be charged with wasting police time which is a much more real and serious offence.

There is no rationality here anymore in a famously rational nation, people are filled with fear and confusion about what they can say now because of some over zealous liberal nutjobs who've crawled out of an Orwell novel controlling how we speak. Teary:S Do me a favour, we didn't stop the Nazis taking over Europe to be treated like this. All PC pushers are suppressive Stalinists. Pirate Good morning.

'Filled with fear and confusion'??? Where the Hell do you live? Not the Britain that I know. Twaddle indeed. Nobody needs to be 'Filled with fear and confusion' if they treat other citizens as equals instead of inferiors because of sex, race, religion, or anything else that's different.

Quote: DaButt @ 13th February 2018, 12:46 PM

Some perspective: 6 American police officers have been shot dead in the last week.

EDIT: Another cop was shot and killed today, so that brings the total to 7 for the week.

Let's leave the poor weather thread alone and take any discussions of race to this thread that I just created:

........Back to the weather.
Has 'The beast from the east' got to you yet?

Light snow and heavy clouds here in Yorkshire with a forecast of heavy snow and blizzards to come tonight and for the next three days.

Predictions vary wildly from flurry's to major roads disruptions (drifting)
It's like waiting for the apocalypse :)

Had some strong flurries but none has settled on the roads yet, can see distant fields are white and that's about it. My guess is by end of week we'll have some decent snow on the ground. It's very cold, feels colder here at zero than it does in Russia etc. at -30 because it's so damp here.

In the east it's dry cold air which doesn't get inside your clothes like our cold does. Been in -40 in Scandinavia and it feels much sharper on your face and when you breathe in but with thermals and big coat on you feel quite snug and comfy. Here the moisture gets inside your mufti. The Poles I've spoken to here really feel our damp cold and they don't like it at all. So it has its benefits. :)

Effin cold in EA with very light snow flurry thank heavens as just got back from a funeral with my wife in tow in her wheelchair. :(

It's 50F/10C here before sunrise with an expected high of 72F/22C. Yesterday started out damp and dark, but it eventually cleared into a warm, sunny day and I managed to get a painful sunburn on my face. :(

A sunny Malaga morning now turned to rain.

'Twas sunny earlier, but now light snow has settled on the pathways in my garden in Muswell Hill, N London.

And on the pathways and parked cars (including mine) out front, but it is not affecting the homing rush our at present.

I used to live in Muswell Hill, Bill.

Deep and crisp and even.................what are we going to do now, what are we going to do now, what are we going to do now.....

My goldfish pond filter is frozen, so I can't run the pump.
Ponds has about a half inch ice crust.