BBC3 Rush Hour

Rush Hour. Miranda Hart.

Rush Hour

Sketch show that follows a series of disturbed drivers and peculiar passengers as they fight their way through the daily rat run



  • Monday 19th March 2007, 5:02pm
  • Fermanagh, Northern Ireland
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Frankie Boyle! :)



  • Tuesday 20th March 2007, 4:23am
  • Northampton, England
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Okay. This was all right but not laugh out loud. A few chuckles here and there. I think i could watch the next episode. I can say that Adam Buxton is still fun to watch.



  • Tuesday 20th March 2007, 4:44am
  • Hampshire, England
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Yeah it was ok wasn't it. Adam Buxton, the sleepy chauffeur, angry bus driver, Frankie Boyle and strict dad were the highlights in my book.

I'll be watching next week... if only to see how they are going to keep it going for the next five weeks. I have a sinking feeling that the gags are going to be very quickly recycled as surely there's only so many sketches you can do based around those characters?!?


Martin H

  • Tuesday 20th March 2007, 2:39pm
  • Hull, England
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I saw about 10 minutes and then had to turn off I'm afraid, another typical BBC Three sketch show, shame.



  • Tuesday 20th March 2007, 4:32pm
  • Berlin, Germany
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Quote: Martin Holmes @ March 20, 2007, 10:39 AM

I saw about 10 minutes and then had to turn off I'm afraid, another typical BBC Three sketch show, shame.

I sat through the whole half hour (dunno why), but otherwise agree. Sketch shows just don't do it for me anymore, especially when they're written by more than a dozen people who each had exactly one decent idea. It all just feels so arbitrarily cobbled together. I'm afraid this will be painful and dead boring to watch as the series progresses.


Paul W

  • Tuesday 20th March 2007, 5:37pm
  • Nottingham, England
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I did the exact same as Martin, It just didn't make me laugh which is a shame as they had a good cast, it's just the writing was very lazy.

"you're one minute late" OMG! why didn't I think of something like that!


Matthew Stott

  • Wednesday 21st March 2007, 1:26am
  • Yemen
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Thought it was okay, I certainly dont think it was as awful as some above have suggested; there were a few good laughs and decent characters here and there. Ill wait to see how things pan out over the next couple of episodes before trashing it.



  • Thursday 22nd March 2007, 3:28pm
  • England
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A deeply average show. Unfortunately, ninety percent of BBC3's output seems to fall into the "deeply average" category. And when it comes to comedy, that's not good enough to make me come back for a second or third episode. And was I alone in feeling that the characters seemed eerily reminiscent of a million other chatshow characters we've seen over the years?



  • Thursday 22nd March 2007, 5:47pm
  • Berlin, Germany
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I certainly agree. After watching Man Stroke Woman and the first installment of Rush Hour this year I have decided not to waste my time on any more sketch shows, unless a significant number of people with good taste in comedy really recommend it. To me the majority of sketch shows they churn out today are just vehicles for one-shot writers who are simply unable to come up with something as complex as a sitcom plot, be it only a one-off episode. (Though it can be even worse: in other countries they plunder joke books and put what they find on film.)



  • Thursday 22nd March 2007, 9:34pm
  • England
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unfortunately, bbc three seems to be in "churn em out" mode.
less quantity, more quality (please). still, there's always a chance for
something decent in there on bbc three - i loved "i'm with stupid".


Britcom Barry

  • Thursday 22nd March 2007, 10:02pm
  • England
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I’m in the Okay camp as well, better then the last few BBC3 offerings.

Seemed to have gone over board were sketch shows are concerned, given Little Miss Jocelyn another series, can’t think why.



  • Sunday 25th March 2007, 9:22pm [Edited]
  • United Kingdom
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I watched the whole thing and didn't actually notice it was supposed to have a stuck in traffic/rush hour theme. Most of the sketches were in cars, now I think about it.
Am obtuse.

AvatarBCG Supporter


  • Monday 26th March 2007, 2:06am
  • Surreyish., England
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Saw this and thought I'd give it a go on my Tiscali replay service. Then read what everyone thought and decided it would probably ne a waste of time.

I suppose BBC3 gives us more of a chance to make it though.