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  • Friday 8th March 2013, 7:14pm [Edited]
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His accent is his best tool.

'Gepetto was a paedophile' :O but :D


Garry Lee

  • Friday 8th March 2013, 9:59pm
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He turned up and done this set at The Stand about a week before the recording and killed. He said he was planning on "crashing Comic Relief into the f**king ground".


Matthew Stott

  • Friday 8th March 2013, 10:02pm
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Quote: Garry Lee @ March 8 2013, 9:59 PM GMT

He said he was planning on "crashing Comic Relief into the f**king ground".

And he has succeeded, they've called it off.


Garry Lee

  • Friday 8th March 2013, 10:06pm
  • East Kilbride, Scotland
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Quote: Matthew Stott @ March 8 2013, 10:02 PM GMT

And he has succeeded, they've called it off.

He didn't do his bit where he explains at length to the audience what Schrodinger's Cat is, then says..."and that's why I can do jokes about Madeleine McCann".



  • Monday 11th March 2013, 6:24pm
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Only just caught up with this. What reason was given for it not being broadcast?

Lol at 'A transit van and a packet of revels'



  • Tuesday 12th March 2013, 10:59pm
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Wow... that was a hefty 20 odd pages to wade through!

I think it's ridiculous to cut him out of Comic Relief... they had to know he wasn't going to come on and do family-safe material.


Dr Sanchez

  • Tuesday 28th January 2014, 10:20am [Edited]
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So Frankie said he quit stand up after his last tour, but has recently tweeted that he's going to be supporting his friend and mostly unknown stand up Glenn Wool as well as doing five minute slots at Edinburgh Stand every Monday from here on out.

I'm assuming he's doing these gigs to test out new material and build up a set which will lead to a new tour.

After a failed Channel 4 pilot, losing his Sun column and censorship by the BBC maybe Frankie has nowhere else to go but back up on stage?



  • Tuesday 28th January 2014, 11:29am
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He probably prefers it. He can say what he wants there.



  • Tuesday 28th January 2014, 8:39pm
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On a more serious note, has he still got that ghastly beard?


Luca Love

  • Wednesday 29th January 2014, 8:01pm [Edited]
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Frankie Boyle is unique. He may have been a bit offensive and crossed a few lines but his pessimistic style and wit is legendary. It's a shame he retired early and got into a lot of court cases but I think he is a legend.

That said he has been a bit repetitive and his style gets boring after a bit.



  • Thursday 13th March 2014, 8:36pm [Edited]
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His stand-up is just a collection of good jokes. That may sound stupid but what I mean is there is nothing holding it together, it is not a proper show. He is funny though.


Paul Wimsett

  • Sunday 8th June 2014, 11:34am
  • Folkestone, United Kingdom
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I don't know why a reason for banning a joke about someone dying from a IRA bomb has to do with the anniversary of D-Day though, except the Queen was involved. Slight suspicion that you can get Republicans to turn on special occasions, and you can't?



  • Saturday 19th July 2014, 1:44am [Edited]
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I'm up in the air over Frankie Boyle. His timing is excellent but I feel he's too offensive for the sake of being offensive.

Some of his lines are genuinely brilliant, some are just a bit shit.


Dr Sanchez

  • Sunday 31st August 2014, 6:48pm
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A recent quote from Frankie, "I put a lot of thought into jokes, deciding 'if I said this, would it make the thing I'm saying a lot more funny'. I hate banter. I'm the opposite of banter. It's all written beforehand."

Isn't this just an arsey way of saying you're shit at improv?

AvatarBCG Supporter


  • Sunday 31st August 2014, 8:43pm
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He has to be extra offensive or he'd just be like all the rest. He needs something different to make him stand out.