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On The Buses. Image shows from L to R: Stan Butler (Reg Varney), Inspector Blake (Stephen Lewis), Jack Harper (Bob Grant). Copyright: London Weekend Television.

On The Buses

Comedy following workshy bus driver Stan and his family; his conductor, Jack; and their depot boss, Inspector Blake



  • Monday 17th November 2008, 4:49pm
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He reached a good age.



  • Monday 17th November 2008, 9:50pm [Edited]
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Rest in peace Reg.

Reg will always be best remembered for his role in On The Buses but he was also a great all-round entertainer and all self-taught. A true gent who always had time for the fans and I am highly grafeful to him as he has given me so many laughs.



Nil Putters

  • Monday 17th November 2008, 10:55pm
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Jack Massey

  • Tuesday 18th November 2008, 12:04am
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Did you know he nearly died in the 1960's where he was in a very bad way after a heart-attack. But he got through it and lived for over forty years.



  • Tuesday 18th November 2008, 5:10am
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R.I.P Reg, I have put a small message on my BEBO page entitled ''IN MEMORY OF 'ON THE BUSES' ACTOR REG VARNEY, R.I.P, 1916-2008. Reg's death has robbed us of a great talent.


Jeremy deFraitis

  • Thursday 4th December 2008, 1:36am
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One of Reg's ancestors, played by Reg, in the Valiant Varneys was a major in the British army in India. A colonel dashed up to him and exclaimed 'the natives are revolting!'. 'Yes, if only they'd wash' deadpanned Reg.

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  • Thursday 4th December 2008, 2:24am
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I really did love the Valiant Varnies but I wouldn't be able to quote any of it. I was very young at the time!


Billy Bunter

  • Monday 13th September 2021, 7:34pm [Edited]
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An unusual resurrection of an old thread I'll grant you but I was visiting Budleigh Salterton today (where Reg Varney spent the last years of his life in a nursing home) and, on the green:

Image Image