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  • Wednesday 4th September 2019, 12:36pm [Edited]
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Boris is very much little Trump. Same bombastic lies, same bullying approach, same tax cuts for the rich. The EU's unified view is Boris's is not full of optimism, he's full of delusion. Apparently he has brought nothing new to the table, even reduced the size of Mays negotiating team by two thirds and the EU firmly think he's running down the clock in order to push blame for Brexit away from himself. So it's his vanity we're all paying for, his legacy. But unlike Trump he doesn't have a buoyant economic outlook or Businesses and MPs on his side. Can't see him winning an election 2 years from now. Other than the EU's take, any other credible theories as to why he's running the clock down , because the EU does need to and won't blink first ? As the EU states they had all legislation and plans for a no deal in place 6 months ago, so why haven't we ?

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Hercules Grytpype Thynne

  • Wednesday 4th September 2019, 4:09pm
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I had a Big Trump about half an hour ago..................feeling so much better now thank you. :)

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  • Wednesday 4th September 2019, 4:24pm
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As the EU states they had all legislation and plans for a no deal in place 6 months ago, so why haven't we ?

If this was true, which I don't believe, the EU council will say NO to a request for further extension. The uncertainty is harming them too.

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  • Wednesday 4th September 2019, 5:26pm
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It just doesn't make sense that a Prime Minister just six weeks in to his tenure can be blamed for much of the issues currently in the House. He's only today had his first PM questions for goodness sake.
But such things have never stopped the left from casting unwarranted blame and creating a fantasy world of lies before.
Though that is not necessarily unique to the left of course.
Labour, the Liberals, remainers etc. have no idea how to run a stable, economically secure country so they're terrified of being away from the controlling grip of the EU.
They can't bear the thought of having to run an independent, self sufficient and free-trading state because they are not capable.
I tell you, I'd rather move to Romania than live under a Corbyn government (Dianne Abbot Home Secretary!) and watch that fool completely destroy this country.

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  • Wednesday 4th September 2019, 6:05pm
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We're falling into the jaws of Corbyn and the EU.

We're going to be locked into them forever at this rate with no bargaining tools. They'll continue to punish us.


Billy Bunter

  • Thursday 5th September 2019, 1:37pm
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O Brother, Where Art Thou?


john tregorran

  • Thursday 5th September 2019, 11:46pm
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Politicians have always lied though but used to attempt to hide it.These days they don't seem to bother because they are only talking to their supporters,who will accept any tosh,not to all the voters.



  • Thursday 5th September 2019, 11:58pm
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Do you think Eton boasts A-level lying as one of its top subjects?


Rood Eye

  • Friday 6th September 2019, 12:11am [Edited]
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Quote: Briosaid @ 5th September 2019, 11:58 PM


Several British prime ministers, including Boris, were brought up at Eton but Boris is the only one who looks as if he's been eaten and brought up.

Do you see what I did there? Laughing out loud


Definitely Tarby

  • Friday 6th September 2019, 12:43am
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That would explain it then because as Alexei Sayle puts it they're all too busy slamming each others dicks in the door.



  • Saturday 7th September 2019, 10:33am
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I wish I'd put money on Boris resigning. He's a bit of a bottler and if things get worse I can see him quitting.