Up There. Martin (Burn Gorman). Copyright: Wilder Films.

Up There

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Gentle sitcom about an cantankerous old spinster who begrudgingly befriends Mulberry, son of the Grim Reaper, when he comes to collect her.


Turn Out The Lights

Leonard Swindley, having been sacked from Dobson and Hawks, sets out with his previous manager in a ghost-hunting venture.


Dead Ernest

Ernest Springer ends up in heaven after being hit between the eyes by a champagne cork while celebrating his big win on the pools.


In Loving Memory

When Yorkshireman Jeremiah Unsworth dies in a tragic accident, his business is left to his wife and her nephew, Billy. The business? An undertaker's.


So Haunt Me

Sitcom about a middle-class family who find themselves living with an elderly Jewish ghost after moving home.


Burke & Hare

Comedy about legendary 19th Century graverobbers Burke and Hare, providing corpses to Edinburgh's medical men.


Shaun Of The Dead

Zombie-filled romantic comedy. When zombies start to roam London, Shaun must kickstart himself into action to save those closest to him.


Marley's Ghosts

Sitcom about a woman who can talk to the dead: particularly her former husband, lover, and their vicar.