Trigger Happy TV. Dom Joly. Copyright: ABsoLuTeLy Productions.

Trigger Happy Movie   (Working title)

A film that was never made.

Trigger Happy Movie

Movie version of Dom Joly's hit Channel 4 hidden camera sketch show

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Dom Joly is working on a movie version of his hit Channel 4 show Trigger Happy TV. He told The Mirror in June 2009: "We have just written a script for a Trigger Happy movie actually, I have just got the first draft - it's weird to write a script because you can't, because it's all kind of made up," he said. "It's really funny, I'm really excited about it. We are gonna have a go at doing it in America just because people don't recognise me there and America is huge".

He added: "I love Borat and stuff but there is a bit of a tradition of English comics going over to America and kind of slagging it off really. Borat was quite offensive about Americans and maybe that was true under Bush but I kind of feel we're the first post-Obama movie. Our kind of pitch with Trigger Happy is that, although obviously we'll be slightly taking the mickey out of Americans, we are basically saying, 'Look at this place, it's incredible'. I hope we're gonna kind of show that we like America now."

The project appears to have fizzed out, with Joly instead working on ITV prank show Fool Britannia.

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