The Sheriff Of Fractured Jaw. Image shows from L to R: Kate (Jayne Mansfield), Jonathan Tibbs (Kenneth More).

The Sheriff Of Fractured Jaw

1958 British comedy film set in the Wild West. Stars Kenneth More, Jayne Mansfield, Henry Hull, Bruce Cabot, Ronald Squire and others.

The Sheriff Of Fractured Jaw

The Sheriff Of Fractured Jaw

A salesman for a London sporting gun company, Mr. Jonathan Tibbs (Kenneth More) heads west when he hears that cowboys are rather fond of their firearms. Despite his impeccable manners and immaculate tailoring, once in the lawless frontier town of Fractured Jaw he is accidentally mistaken for the fastest gun in the West - and quickly appointed sheriff!

Mr Tibb's English charm melts the heart of Miss Kate (Jayne Mansfield), the local saloon owner, but he's soon in big trouble. He's made the tiny faux pas of selling his guns to hostile Indians, a range war has broken out between the gunfighters of the Box T and Lazy S ranches - and the local undertaker is already measuring him up for Boot Hill...

Co-starring Henry Hull and Sid James.

First released: Monday 27th February 2012

This particular product has been discontinued. However, you may still be able to find second-hand copies.

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