The Love Punch. Image shows from L to R: Kate (Emma Thompson), Richard (Pierce Brosnan).

The Love Punch

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Joel Hopkins guides us around The Lover Punch's setting

Discover the beautiful filming locations of Emma Thompson and Pierce Brosnan's new rom-com.

Radio Times, 18th April 2014

The Love Punch: stars reveal their first kisses

Romantic advice and stories of young love from the stars of the latest British romcom.

Claire Webb, Radio Times, 18th April 2014

The Love Punch (12A) - review

Thompson and Brosnan are an attractive pairing and they bring a veneer of class to proceedings, which is otherwise lacking in the writing and direction.

Aberdeen Evening Gazette, 18th April 2014

The Love Punch is a kind of grey-pound comedy, which is a little insulting for stars Pierce Brosnan and Emma Thompson, neither of whom are old enough to sign up for a TV funeral payment scam and free Parker pen. If only we could say the same about the prehistoric one-liners.

Tara Brady, The Irish Times, 18th April 2014

If real on-screen charm was enough to make an entertaining crime caper then there's no doubt that Pierce Brosnan and Emma Thompson have it in spades.

Attractive French locations add a pleasant background for an undernourished script that finds Brosnan and his ex-wife Thompson joining forces to steal a precious diamond from the businessman crook who has left them flat broke.

Brosnan and Thompson, and Timothy Spall and Celia Imrie as their happy go-lucky-accomplices all give writer-director John Hopkins much more than he deserves but in the end they, and the audience, are let down.

Alan Frank, Daily Star, 18th April 2014

Review: Witless film that can only be blamed on writer

At no stage did I believe for a second in these characters or their story, and since that can't be the fault of four such beloved actors, the culprit can only be the writer-director, Joel Hopkins.

Brian Viner, Daily Mail, 18th April 2014

Cringe-worthy comedy more suited to the 1970s

Even if you really love Emma Thompson or Pierce Brosnan, and who doesn't, you will be hard pressed to squeeze much fun from The Love Punch, a witless, idiotic comedy that makes you cringe.

Allan Hunter, The Daily Express, 18th April 2014

The Love Punch review

The cast might well have done it just for the sake of a holiday on the French riviera, but at least this cheerfully daft adventure canters along amiably.

Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian, 17th April 2014

David Gritten reviews The Love Punch

One can make a strong case against The Love Punch (and I think I just did) while still warming to it. For all its imperfections, it's likable, generous-hearted and uncomplicated good fun. I can't imagine anyone under the age of 50 caring for it much; but for those old enough to remember post-war British comedy when it was mostly cheerful and spirited, without a touch of cleverness or irony in sight, this is a bit of a surprise treat.

David Gritten, Saga Magazine, 17th April 2014

Film review: The Love Punch

The Love Punch is not great art and the outcome is achingly predictable, but the on-screen chemistry of Brosnan and Emma Thompson fizzes and there are some hearty laughs amidst the nonsense.

Damon Smith, The Nottingham Post, 17th April 2014