The Heart Of A Man. Copyright: Rank Organisation.

The Heart Of A Man

1959 British comedy film.

The Heart Of A Man

The Heart Of A Man

Romantic comedy made by Rank Studios, which stars 1950s heartthrobs Frankie Vaughan and Anne Heywood.

Frankie Martin (Vaughan) is an out-of-work sailor who encounters Bud, a tramp who gives him a shilling, and promises that if he can make £100 honestly he will be given £1,000. Frankie's quest for Bud's money leads him to a job with shady riverboat casino operator Tony Carlisle (Tony Britton).

There he meets the beautiful Julie (Heywood), but Frankie's enthusiasm for his work leads to the sack from Tony's dodgy establishment. Frankie goes from job to job but his singing career and romance with Julie are blossoming. With the encouragement of Julie and the help of amusing impresario Johnnie (Tony Newley), will Frankie make a success of his singing career and take Bud's wager?

Frankie Vaughan took the title track of the film to no. 5 in the BBC charts.

First released: Monday 26th March 2018

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