The Bed Sitting Room. Mate (Spike Milligan).

The Bed Sitting Room

1970 British comedy film about London after a nuclear war. Stars Rita Tushingham, Dudley Moore, Harry Secombe, Arthur Lowe, Roy Kinnear and others.


Trailer for Spike Milligan's surreal comedy set after the end of a nuclear war.

Featuring: Rita Tushingham (Penelope), Harry Secombe (Shelter Man), Arthur Lowe (Father), Roy Kinnear (Plastic Mac Man), Spike Milligan (Mate), Michael Hordern (Captain Bules Martin), Peter Cook (Police Inspector), Ralph Richardson (Lord Fortnum of Alamein), Mona Washbourne (Mother), Richard Warwick (Alan), Frank Thornton (The BBC), Dandy Nichols (Mrs. Ethal Shroake), Marty Feldman (Nurse Arthur), Bill Wallis (The Prime Minister).