The Adventures Of Jane. Jane (Christabel Leighton-Porter).

The Adventures Of Jane

1949 British comedy film. Stars Christabel Leighton-Porter.

The Adventures Of Jane - Plus Murder At 3 A.M.

The Adventures Of Jane - Plus Murder At 3 A.M.

First ever home entertainment release of this wartime comic strip extravaganza which stars Christabel Leighton-Porter and Dennis Price.

Jane was Britain's Secret Weapon. Winston Churchill Jane is renowned for being one of the most popular cartoon strips in wartime Britain. She began her long run in 1932 when the Daily Mirror printed the adventures of an innocent young blonde who had an uncanny knack for losing her clothes. In 1949 the model for Jane, Christabel Leighton-Porter, also starred in the film The Adventures Of Jane, playing the blonde heroine who falls foul of a ruthless gang of spivs. When Jane refuses to keep her nose out of their business, the gang decide to make her disappear. Can the faithful Fritz come to the rescue of his mistress?

PLUS Murder At 3am stars Dennis Price as Inspector Lawton of Scotland Yard. A series of late-night murders is baffling the police and as the murders continue, each fresh clue ends up in a dead end. Sensing he is on the verge of a breakthrough, Lawton is horrified to discover that new evidence pinpoints his sister s fiancé as the murder.

First released: Monday 21st April 2008