Svengali. Image shows from L to R: Don (Martin Freeman), Dixie (Jonny Owen). Copyright: Root Films.


Press Clippings

Svengali - Film Review

Svengali is a fun Soho-Hoxton run around movie that delights. Sure the endings predictable but I don't mind because the rest was magical.

Clive Botting, The Huffington Post, 19th March 2014

Choosing the soundtrack for my movie 'Svengali'

It was amazing how many times I'd run in breathless to the edit suite waving the song I was convinced would be the 'one'. We'd quickly load it, play the scene with the song and then there would be a silence and everyone would slowly look at me. It's wrong isn't it?

Jonny Owen, The Huffington Post, 18th March 2014

Svengali is a rock and not very droll British comedy

I could only detect one joke in his amateurish comedy and it's not a particularly funny one.

Andy Lea, Daily Star, 16th March 2014

Svengali: Music's biggest names deliver soundtrack

Welsh actor Jonny Owen mined his own Welsh muso background and gift for the gab when it came to creating the soundtrack for his much-anticipated movie.

David Owens, Wales Online, 16th March 2014