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  • 2015 film

Bob is a very British superhero, doing his best to save the world within accepted health & safety guidelines. But for all his powers, love eludes him. Stars Brett Goldstein, Catherine Tate, Natalia Tena, Laura Haddock, David Harewood and Ruth Sheen

Press clippings

SuperBob review

A charmingly inventive mockumentary.

Kevin Maher, The Times, 16th October 2015

SuperBob review

Brett Goldstein is enormously endearing, while Jon Drever milks the mundanity for laughs and unexpected sweetness.

Chris Hewitt, Empire, 16th October 2015

SuperBob review

Opting for a low-fi approach, the film wins you over with a funny script rather than elaborate action scenes.

James Luxford, Radio Times, 16th October 2015

SuperBob review

With delightfulness conquering cynicism; one of several elements that suggest it's more than worthy of becoming a modest cult hit.

Steve Bennett, Chortle, 16th October 2015

SuperBob review

Britain's first superhero heads to the screen - and SuperBob is an absolute treat.

Mark Harrison, Den Of Geek, 15th October 2015

SuperBob review

This silly British comedy concerns a Peckham postie with supernatural powers but no semblance of a love life.

Wendy Ide, The Guardian, 15th October 2015

Brett Goldstein on his new movie, SuperBob

'The Foreign Office have got plans for a superhero...'

Jay Richardson, Chortle, 14th October 2015

SuperBob review

SuperBob is effectively just one joke stretched out, that of a very abnormal man living a mundane, normal life - but thankfully for all of those involved, it's a rather funny one.

Stefan Pape, Hey U Guys, 14th October 2015

Review: SuperBob

Everything about SuperBob is unlikely. It's a movie about a postman from Peckham with super powers. It grew out of a barely-there short film with the help of the producer who made The Usual Suspects. It cost around a million quid but is more cinematic than most multiplex fare out there (and frankly it pisses all over Man Of Steel). And unlikeliest of all: it's a British rom-com that's actually both sweet and funny.

Stuart Black, Londonist, 13th October 2015

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