Strictly Confidential

1959 British comedy film.

Strictly Confidential

Strictly Confidential

Strictly Confidential is a comedy romp in which two conmen are released from prison and decide to ply their old trade by resuming their military disguises.

Commander Bissham-Riley (Richard Murdoch) and Major Rory McQuarry (William Kendall) bump into each other when they play the same confidence trick in a restaurant. After being thrown out by the enraged proprietor, the two comic heels have a chance meeting with a beautiful young widow, Maxine Millard (Maya Koumani). Millard is the chairman of Grannies Globules Ltd, which manufactures The Perfect Pills for Stomach Ills.

Maxine asks the two incompetent buffoons to be joint Managing Directors of her company, but there is an ulterior motive behind her choice. When the Commander and Major take over the running of the company they come up against the plant's manager, Mr Grimshaw (William Hartnell). As the comedy duo inane schemes bring the family firm to near collapse, Mr Grimshaw has to pick up the pieces, and in the midst of all this chaos, Inspector Shearing (Bruce Seton) is keen to see if the two conmen are up to their old tricks again!

First released: Monday 21st April 2008

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