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Self-Help: A Serial Killer's Guide To Life. Image shows from L to R: Louise Farnt (Katie Brayben), Val Stone (Poppy Roe).

Self-Help: A Serial Killer's Guide To Life

2018 British comedy film about a woman unwittingly on a killing spree. Stars Poppy Roe and Katie Brayben.

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Self-Help: A Serial Killer's Guide To Life

A dark comedy film about a woman who unwittingly finds herself going on a killing spree with her unhinged personal guru

Poppy Roe and Katie Brayben
Staten Cousins-Roe
Staten Cousins-Roe

Self-Help: A Serial Killer's Guide To Life is a female-led, satirical, darkly comic feature film.

The film focuses on Louise Farnt. She's lost-in-life and a total self help addict - but when she's taken by personal guru wannabe (and borderline psychotic) Val Stone she finds herself on an unwitting killing spree of violent self discovery - around the south-coast of England's most 'alternative' therapies.

The producers say: "Self-Help is set against the back-drop of the lucrative Self-Help world - we've all read, seen or heard a 'step by step guide to live better' (or more attractive or more successful or more frickin positive...). Well, this film is a fun and horrifying fun-poke at the sometimes ridiculous, often self-fulfilling side of the Self-Help industry and those of us who are seduced into consuming it."

This film was funded via a Kickstarter campaign

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