On The Game. Jenny (Gloria Walker). Copyright: Salon Productions.

On The Game

On The Game

On The Game

Released in its full UNCUT glory for the first time.

Directed by acclaimed exploitation film-maker Stanley Long whose Adventures trilogy DVDs have sold over 15,000 copies to date. Featuring a cast of British greats (Charles Gray, Carmen Silvera) and a bevy of beauties.

Narrated by Charles Gray, On The Game is a riotous look at the history of the oldest profession: from the ancient Hebrews who decreed all women must prostitute themselves once; to the Roman Emperor Claudius, whose wife was the most famous part-time hooker; to the Victorians who were austere on the surface but not when their clothes were off!

On The Game is a vintage slice of slap and tickle.

First released: Monday 22nd June 2009


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