Money Talks. Image shows from L to R: Maurice 'Kid Burke' Burkowitz (Kid Berg), Rosie Pilstein (Judy Kelly). Copyright: STUDIOCANAL.

Money Talks

1932 British comedy film about a businessman and a boxing match. Stars Julian Rose, Judy Kelly, Bernard Ansell, Kid Berg, Lena Maitland and others.

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A comedy about Jewish domestic life that tells the story of an old man who is to inherit a legacy if he can prove he is in need, and who thus begins to gamble spectacularly with his savings. But can he spend to earn - or will he ultimately come a cropper...? Available on DVD

Featuring: Julian Rose (Abe Pilstein of Magenta Street), Lena Maitland (Mrs. Blumberg), Gladdy Sewell (Anna the Maid), Hal Gordon (Pug Wilson), Gus McNaughton (Solly Sax), Jimmy Godden (Joe Bell).