Miracle In Soho.

Miracle In Soho

1957 British comedy film.

Miracle In Soho

Miracle In Soho

Starring John Gregson and produced by the great Emeric Pressburger, Miracle In Soho is a charming romantic comedy set in 1950s London.

In London's cosmopolitan West End, Michael Morgan (John Gregson) is a road gang worker and serial lethario. His attitude to life and women is to love em and leave em. One morning Morgan is sent to Soho's St. Anthony's Lane on a 10 day job where he awakens the locals with the sound of his pneumatic drill.

There is never a dull moment in St. Anthony's Lane as the lives of the locals and the workmen begin to intertwine. However Michael's reputation precedes him and local postman and a Salvation Army member Sam Bishop (Cyril Cusack) warns Morgan to stay clear of the girls in St. Anthony's Lane. However, Bishop's advice is ignored and Michael is soon on the trail of local barmaid Gwladys.

Then Michael meets local girl Julia Gozzi and a mutual attraction is immediate. Julia is planning to emigrate to Canada with her family but like so many other women before her, she falls in love with Michael. Will a miracle occur with Michael admitting his true feelings for Julia and letting her into his heart?

First released: Monday 14th April 2014

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