Mindhorn. Richard 'Mindhorn' Thorncroft (Julian Barratt). Copyright: BBC Films.


2017 British comedy film about an actor reprising a decades-old role. Stars Julian Barratt, Andrea Riseborough, Essie Davis, Simon Farnaby, Russell Tovey and others.

Video Clips

Fine Wine

Richard Thorncroft doesn't want to go backwards in his career.

Featuring: Julian Barratt (Richard 'Mindhorn' Thorncroft), Harriet Walter (Richard's Agent).

Clive Parnevik Stunt Masterclass

Pay attention. Clive Parnevik is giving us all a stunt masterclass.

Featuring: Simon Farnaby (Clive Parnevik).

Preparing for the phone call

Richard Thorncroft is in the police station preparing for a phone call from a deranged criminal.

Featuring: Julian Barratt (Richard 'Mindhorn' Thorncroft), Andrea Riseborough (DS Elena Baines), David Schofield (Chief Inspector Derek Newsome).

You Can't Handcuff the Wind by Richard Thorncroft (Coming Soon)

Clip from the music video for Richard Thorncroft's You Can't Handcuff the Wind.

Featuring: Julian Barratt (Richard 'Mindhorn' Thorncroft).

Auditioning for Kenneth Branagh

Richard Thorncroft's unconventional style of acting is shown as he auditions for Kenneth Branagh. With Uggs and Brogues.

Featuring: Julian Barratt (Richard 'Mindhorn' Thorncroft), Kenneth Branagh.


Washed-up Richard Thorncroft (Julian Barratt) peaked with hit 1980s detective show Mindhorn, playing the titular Isle of Man sleuth with a robotic eye that allowed him to literally "see the truth". Decades later, when a deranged criminal demands Mindhorn as his nemesis, Thorncroft returns to the scene of his greatest triumphs for one last chance to reignite his glory days.

Featuring: Julian Barratt (Richard 'Mindhorn' Thorncroft).