Mindhorn. Richard 'Mindhorn' Thorncroft (Julian Barratt). Copyright: BBC Films.


2017 British comedy film about an actor reprising a decades-old role. Stars Julian Barratt, Andrea Riseborough, Essie Davis, Simon Farnaby, Russell Tovey and others.

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Mindhorn review

But for all the period accuracy, Mindhorn doesn't realise its comic potential - there isn't even a gag involving the truth-telling eye.

Theo Rollason, The Student Newspaper, 1st September 2017

Mindhorn review

Mindhorn is an incredibly quotable film, and one that groups of people seem to enjoy talking about a great deal.

Becca Moody, Moody Comedy, 16th June 2017

Review | Mindhorn is the low-key comedy of the summer

New, classic British comedy earns its laughs with brilliant acting.

Tom Twardzik, Popdust, 7th June 2017

Review: Mindhorn Is the perfect summer comedy

Mindhorn is one of those movies that only works for viewers who are open to it. As a person who is very open to the sense of humor on display here, I found Mindhorn to be one of the most boldly original movies to grace screens thus far in 2017. And it doesn't hurt that the movie comes from one half of the mastermind team behind The Mighty Boosh.

Evan Jacobs, Movie Web, 3rd June 2017

Julian Barratt and Simon Farnaby interview

They were relaxed, friendly, polite and forthcoming; happy to answer questions, riffing off each other's jokes and finishing off one another's sentences. No silences, no awkwardness and absolutely no sense that they're simply going through the motions of a PR obligation.

The Velvet Onion, 7th May 2017

Mindhorn review

Mindhorn may not be big on belly laughs, but it's a decent comedy thriller with an appealing central premise and it's shot through with a genuine sense of pathos.

Bouquets & Brickbats, 7th May 2017

Mindhorn review

The Mighty Boosh's co-creator brings us an idiotic 80s-style detective, a host of supporting talent - and the Isle of Man.

Mark Kermode, The Guardian, 7th May 2017

Mindhorn review

Julian Barratt's bionic TV cop carries this Partridge-esque comedy spoof. Thanks to a snappy script and a committed lead, this turns out to be one of the most intelligent, entertaining comedies of the year. And with the right script, this comeback king could even be in with a sequel.

James Luxford, City AM, 5th May 2017

Mindhorn review

Mindhorn is inoffensively silly.

Brian Viner, Daily Mail, 5th May 2017

Mindhorn review

Bergerac will find it hard to keep laughs at bay.

Jeremy Aspinall, Radio Times, 5th May 2017