Lost In Karastan. Image shows from L to R: Emil Forester (Matthew Macfadyen), Unknown, Unknown.

Lost In Karastan

2016 British comedy film. Stars Matthew Macfadyen, Noah Taylor, MyAnna Buring and Richard Van Weyden.

Lost In Karastan

Lost In Karastan

Matthew MacFadyen stars as a film-maker hired to direct a movie about the fictitious republic of Karastan in this black comedy.

Invited to the country to attend its Palchuk Film Festival, British director Emil Forester (MacFadyen) is hired by President Abashiliev (Richard Van Weyden) to make a movie about Karastan's national hero Xan Butler (Noah Taylor). Not wanting to turn the charismatic dictator down, Emil agrees to his request and begins a wild journey of production...

First released: Monday 29th February 2016

  • Distributor: Bulldog
  • Region: 2
  • Discs: 1
  • Catalogue: BFD021

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