The Last Sparks Of Sundown. Image shows from L to R: Harvey Sparks (Shenoah Allen), Matthew Sparks (Mark Chavez). Copyright: Black Shark Media.

The Last Sparks Of Sundown

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Miles Jupp interview

Miles Jupp has had an eventful year. He and his wife Rachel had their fifth child, they've moved from London to south Wales, he's performed at the National Theatre, can be seen in the film The Last Sparks Of Sundown, and from next month he's the new host of The News Quiz on Radio 4.

Rachel Corcoran, The Daily Express, 16th August 2015

Review: The Last Sparks of Sundown

TVO can only hope that the film's initial run - at one admittedly fantastic cinema in that there London - is followed up with a wider release, perhaps buoyed by the presence of Miles Jupp, Kayvan Novak and the voice of British TV legend Geoffrey Palmer as the tale's not-so-humble narrator. If, in this world of web-cam superstars we need to get a little slaggy to sell a movie to audiences, so be it: because this is a film that audiences should see. And hopefully, most of you will.

Paul Holmes, The Velvet Onion, 28th July 2015

Review: The Last Sparks Of Sundown

On stage, the Pajama Men create multi-stranded filmic epics in their nightwear, so a transfer to the big screen seems long overdue. However their first foray into features, The Last Sparks Of Sundown, though sporadically amusing, lacks both the ambition and the consistency of their stage shows.

Steve Bennett, Chortle, 24th July 2015

Film review: The Last Sparks of Sundown

Physical comedy duo Shenoah Allen and Mark Chavez, best known as Pajama Men, have been such a brilliantly talented, thrilling, inventive live act I've always wondered how they would translate to the screen. Or to put it another way, could they translate to the screen? It's pretty impressive that they have landed the lead roles in this indie movie, but I'm not sure if it quite plays to their strengths.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 22nd July 2015

Emily Bevan discusses The Last Sparks of Sundown

Emily Bevan is set to return to the big screen this summer with new British comedy The Last Sparks of Sundown. We caught up with the actress to chat about the role of Lucy Fairweather, working with her director pal James, and what lies ahead for her this year.

Helen Earnshaw, Female First, 17th July 2015

How NOT to Make a Feature Film

Imagine you've come up with this hair-brained idea to shoot a feature film in six months time. You've literally set a date when you will press record on whatever camera you've managed to get your sweaty palms on. Now imagine you have the following: No script, no cast, no clue. Know anybody who would be that daft? You do now.

James Kibbey, The Huffington Post, 7th July 2015