Ladies Who Do.

Ladies Who Do

1963 British comedy film.

On TV on 18th Dec at 6:05pm on TPTV

Ladies Who Do

Ladies Who Do

Whilst financier James Ryder (Harry H. Corbett) discusses a potential take-over deal, he is unaware that Mrs. Cragg (Peggy Mount) is busy polishing the floor beneath his desk. After Ryder leaves, Mrs Cragg retrieves an un-smoked cigar from the wastepaper bin, wraps it in a crumpled telegram, and takes it for her next cleaning client, Colonel Whitforth (Robert Morley).

The Colonel gladly accepts the cigar, but is even more excited by the contents of the telegram, which allow him and Mrs Cragg to make a cool £5,000 on the stock market. But when the city financiers decide to redevelop the cleaners' houses, they soon find out that the ladies who do will not be moved!

First released: Monday 24th March 2008

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