Kind Hearts And Coronets. The General D'Ascoyne (Alec Guinness). Copyright: STUDIOCANAL / Ealing Studios.

Kind Hearts And Coronets

1949 British comedy film about revenge. Stars Dennis Price, Valerie Hobson, Joan Greenwood, Alec Guinness, Audrey Fildes and others.

Roy Horniman - Israel Rank: The Autobiography Of A Criminal

Roy Horniman - Israel Rank: The Autobiography Of A Criminal

First published in 1907 Israel Rank: The Autobiography of a Criminal is perhaps best known as the inspiration for the classic Ealing comedy Kind Hearts and Coronets, which was voted the seventh greatest British film of all time by readers of Total Film magazine in 2004. It has often been suggested that Israel Rank is an anti-Semitic novel but this is untrue. What Horniman does is to use his characters and the novel's plot as a vehicle to explore and parody the anti-Semitism that was rife in Edwardian England. While part of the success of the novel is due to the film's cult status Israel Rank remains a classic comedic novel that explores the antithesis of conventional morality - in short it is a comedy about a serial killer.

First published: Thursday 18th September 2008

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