Keep Your Seats Please

1936 British comedy film.

Keep Your Seats, Please

Keep Your Seats, Please

Early starring vehicle for George Formby, the man with the ukelele and the toothy grin.

Despite being on his uppers, George is still prepared to pawn his beloved banjo in order to help his girlfriend save her niece from the orphanage. Help seems to be at hand when George is left a fortune by his old auntie, but unfortunately his inheritance is hidden inside a chair which has already been auctioned off!

Can George and his chums track down his rightful due before his grasping solicitor (Alastair Sim, in an early film appearance) snatches the lot? It's hard to say, but he still finds time to perform both the title song and the classic When I'm Cleaning Windows.

First released: Monday 22nd June 2009