Keep It Clean.

Keep It Clean

1956 British comedy film.

Keep It Clean

Keep It Clean

When Bert Lane (Ronald Shiner) is given the task of advertising Mrs Anstey's famous crumpets, he decides to focus on the sexy side of the product. But his tawdry advertising slogans incur the wrath of Mrs Anstey and her Purity League, as well as his boss (James Hayter).

Having tried every trick in his wheeler/dealer book to win her back over with charm, Bert has to face an angry posse of female morality campaigners catching up with him in a striptease joint! Throw Vi Tarbottom (Joan Sims) and Slogger O Reilly (Denis Shaw) into the mix and a feast of British comic chaos is guaranteed.

First released: Monday 25th February 2008

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