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Just Jim

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Just Jim review: Rebel with a clue

Charisma can only carry the story so far, and the script ultimately lacks enough meat to carry off such a big tonal shift. ***

Empire, 24th September 2015

Just Jim Review

The comedy, tragedy and hair-trigger violence of growing up in Wales is captured in Craig Roberts's delightful debut.

David Jenkins, Little White Lies, 24th September 2015

Just Jim review - quirky, deadpan Welsh teen comedy

The star of Richard Ayoade's Submarine directs an oddly similar story about a smalltown nerd lusting after an unattainable schoolmate

Steve Rose, The Guardian, 24th September 2015

Just Jim Review

What were you doing when you were 23 years of age? Because some of us were busy pulling pints (and drinking the spillage) - or perhaps just at film school, one day dreaming about being old and wise enough to write and direct our first movie. For actor Craig Roberts - who made a name for himself when taking on the lead in Submarine - it's become a reality, as the now-24-year-old presents his directorial debut, Just Jim.

Stefan Pape, Hey U Guys, 21st September 2015

Just Jim review

Ambitious, amusing but overloaded directorial debut from actor Craig Roberts.

Hannah McGill, The List, 21st September 2015

Just Jim review

A dark yet quirky new entry into the Coming-of-Rage sub-genre

Chase Whale, Hammer to Nail, 30th March 2015