Johnny English. Johnny English (Rowan Atkinson). Copyright: Working Title Films / STUDIOCANAL.

Johnny English

2003 British comedy film about an incompetent spy. Stars Rowan Atkinson, Natalie Imbruglia, Ben Miller, John Malkovich, Tim Pigott-Smith and others.


Johnny English: Do you or do you not have tattooed on your bottom the words "Jesus is coming, look busy"?

Archbishop of Canterbury: Are you insane?

Johnny English: Well, let's find out, shall we?

Lorna Campbell: I can't hear anything.

Johnny English: I'm into ultrasonic.

Bough and Johnny English have just fallen down a large hole.

Bough: Are you all right, sir?

Johnny English: Yes, I landed on something soft.

Bough: That was me, sir.

Johnny English: Ah. Good.

The only thing that France is adept at hosting is an invasion.

Johnny English (Rowan Atkinson)

Lorna Campbell: What are you going to do, Johnny? Sit in this grotty flat feeling sorry for yourself, or are you going to get out there and save your country?

Johnny English: I'm going to sit in the flat.